II:  The Golden Age of Heroes

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In this section, more than any other, events listed are likely to have unchanging, reliable dates that correspond to their original publication—yet paradoxically, everything that we know to be canonical for the current DCU must again (as in the preceding section) have been established by flashbacks. Thus, I’ve made a particular effort to provide accurate historical citations in this section. The roots of comics history run deep in the World War II era, and they deserve our respect, even if many of those original stories have now been significantly retconned.

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In the end, despite the reliance on flashbacks, the result contains a suprising level of detail. A brief overview of the highlights, as an aid to comprehension, would look as follows:



  • Winter
    • The Sandman debuts
  • Autumn
    • The Crimson Avenger debuts
    • The Flash gains his powers


  • Winter
    • Green Lantern debuts
  • Sept
    • World War II begins
  • Autumn
    • Hawkman debuts, followed by the Spectre, Phantom Lady, and Starman


    • Many more heroes appear, including Dr. Fate and the Atom
  • Nov
    • The Justice Society of America forms


  • Autumn
    • The Seven Soldiers of Victory form
  • Dec
    • The U.S. enters WW II
    • The All-Star Squadron is formed


  • Feb
    • The Freedom Fighters form
  • Apr
    • The Young all-Stars are created
  • July
    • Wonder Woman III appears from the future and joins the JSA


    • Vandal Savage first fights Green Lantern
    • The Blackhawks save New York
  • Sept
    • Allied forces reconquer Italy


  • June
    • The Allies invade German-held France
    • Solomon Grundy first appears


  • Feb
    • The JSA confronts the Stalker and his agents
  • May
    • The war in Europe ends
  • Aug
    • The war in the Pacific ends


    • Black Canary debuts
    • The Injustice Society forms


    • The second Injustice Society forms; Black Canary joins the JSA
  • Oct
    • The SSOV are lost in time


  • June
    • The Korean War begins
    • Wonder Woman returns to the future


  • Autumn
    • The JSA is forced to disband

As for the details that give it life… read on!…

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