The Future:  Variant A

(Hypertimeline L1)

F uture history before and after this point is assumed to match the “primary” timeline unless shown otherwise in a specific story.

This version of the Legion no longer has any acknowledged status in current continuity. However, its early years are very similar to version L4, which appears to have superseded it in terms of interaction with post-Infinite Crisis, “New Earth” history.

The history of this version of the Legion was actually chronicled incompletely in the contexts of several different and mutually exclusive timelines. In its final version, some elements of the team’s past were almost completely obscured, while other aspects were more clearly defined than ever before. Much of this Legion’s history was published pre-Crisis (from 1958-1985); some information from those stories is interpolated into this timeline in green italics when necessary, due to its significance, but has not been canonically verified. Note, however, that no original stories involving Supergirl, the adult Superman or any of his supporting cast (e.g., Jimmy Olsen, Lex Luthor, Bizarro), or the “Adult Legion,” ever remained canonical post-Crisis.

Regarding citations: “Adv” stands for Adventure Comics (the Legion’s original home, from #247-380), “SB” for Superboy (#172-258 of that series, titled “…and the Legion of Super-Heroes” from #197 on), “LSH v2” for the retitled series (#259 on, starting in 1980; v1 was a 1973 reprint mini-series), “LSH v3” for the Baxter series launched in 1984, and “LSH v4” for the Giffen/Bierbaum series launched in 1989.

The original post-Crisis version of the Legion’s timeline, explained to have been “shaped” by the Time Trapper, was deleted when the Trapper was (nearly) destroyed by Mon-El in LSH v4 #4 <2.90>. History then reshaped itself into a world dominated by Mordru [LSH v4 #5 <3.90>], which was itself displaced by a spell that “inserted” the sorceress Glorith into the Trapper’s previous role in history-shaping [LSH v4 #6 <4.90>, #13 <11.90>]. For the most part, fortunately, these timelines are identical; when differences are noted, I’ll designate them as L1-T or L1-G. (Interestingly, the “Mordruverse” appears to be the actual default path future history would have followed, absent outside interference.)

The Legion titles were also a bit inconsistent about the passage of time over the years, but there were clues. After many years of a “sliding” timeline arbitrarily set 1,000 years ahead of publication, the LSH finally achieved a consistent, datable history as of the 1989 series.

Thus begins the legend of the greatest heroes of the Thirtieth Century…

History Notes and References
  Background (20th-21st Century)…  
  This version of the Legion has interacted not only with the mainstream present-day DCU, but also with hypertimelines off of that mainstream that have since been superseded, as will be seen below. (This is the canonical history of what I have dubbed Hypertimeline L1. Note that it is not quite the same as the version recently reintroduced by Geoff Johns in the wake of Infinite Crisis, but the divergences are most visible in the later years of its history.)
  c. 1970s  
  In a “Pocket Universe” snipped out of time by the Time Trapper (L1-T)/Glorith (L1-G), Clark Kent grows up as Superboy. The Trapper/Glorith arranges that visits to the 20th century by key 30th-century figures will actually shunt them into this Pocket Universe. Action #591 <8.87>. The Time Trapper’s original motivations for doing this have been subjected to multiple interpretations, but the most widely accepted seems to be that he was working to create the Legion as a counterbalance to the power of Mordru, who would otherwise challenge his own control of the future.
  2000 “Year 12”
  Superman and the Legion (from 2987) meet one another, and discover the existence of the deceptive Pocket Universe. Superboy dies defending his world and saving his newfound allies. Superman v2 #8 <8.87>/Action #591/LSH v3 #37-38 <8-9.87>. Note that the existence of this Pocket Universe—even if not the future attached to it!—remains essential to the history of Superman and the post-Crisis DCU, leading as it does not only to Matrix/Supergirl but to Superman’s encounter with the Phantom Zone villains and thus his subsequent self-exile, his discovery of the Eradicator and of Warworld, his subsequent resurrection, Coast City’s destruction and Hal Jordan’s corruption, etc., etc. Some but not all of this appears to have been chagned or superseded post-IC.
  Prince Wrynn of Gemworld is corrupted by the Lords of Chaos and becomes Mordru. He is defeated and entombed by Amethyst. Amethyst v3 [mini-series] #1-4 <11.87-2.88>. This story establishes that 30th-century Zerox, aka the Sorceror’s World, was originally Gemworld (in a different dimension) during the 20th Century.
  2001 “Year 13”
  Lar Gand, son of Kel Gand (martyred in the Invasion of the Alien Alliance), leaves Daxam to explore space. ZHTL; 1st canonical app. L.E.G.I.O.N. ’90 #16-19 <5-8.90>, wherein Vril Dox II creates his anti-lead serum; then next seen in New Gods v3 #17-21 <6-10.90>. Lar is apparently no older than 15 at this time, given his later Legion career. This version of Lar apparently no longer exists in the post-IC DCU [see 1979 for details].
  The Durlan member of L.E.G.I.O.N. is pulled to the future (see 2949) by the Trapper/Glorith, and replaced (to maintain “balance”) by an amnesiac Bgztlian (see 2991), who becomes Phase. Ldot #9 <11.89>, #23 <1.91>. In post-Crisis reality, Phase was thought to be Tinya Wazzo but ultimately revealed to be her cousin Enya [Ldot #68-70 <7-9.94>. In post-ZH reality, however, Phase was revised into being one of (Htl. L2) Tinya’s three selves (due to her Carggite descent).
  Eclipso attempts to take over Earth’s heroes. Starman appears to die in battle on the Moon. Lar Gand, instrumental in Eclipso’s defeat, is christened Valor. Eclipso: The Darkness Within #1-2 <7-10.92>, and related Annuals. Lar’s role in the present-day post-Crisis DCU seemed most relevant here, and the ramifications of his removal from the timeline have thus far not been explored.
  Valor (Lar Gand) staves off a Dominator threat and rescues the occupants of their prison planet, seeding them on worlds that will one day belong to the United Planets. This heroic act will preserve his legend across a millennium. Legion of Super-Heroes Annual v4 #2 <91>. The precise dating is somewhat speculative, but regardless of details, this must happen before his placement in the Stasis Zone, below.
  2002 “Year 14”
  Suffering from lead poisoning, Lar Gand is exiled in the Stasis Zone, aka the Bgztl Buffer Zone. Details differ. In the Time Trapper’s reality [L1-T], Lar is shunted to the Pocket Universe by the Trapper after these events, where Superboy names him Mon-El and sends him into the Bgztl Buffer Zone (originally the Phantom Zone) for his own protection; in Glorith’s reality [L1-G], Glorith herself sends him into the Zone, and he never visits the Pocket Universe and is never known as Mon-El. (At the time these stories were written, DC policy precluded the term “Phantom Zone,” although the interdimensional limbo involved is functionally identical.) In any case, the time-looping events of “D.O.A.” (Valor #12-18 <8.93-4.94>) and thereafter (#19-23 <5-9.94>) are obsolete, representing an historical glitch that did not become part of any lasting timeline.)
  Background (30th Century)…  
  The amnesiac Durlan (see 2001) appears in Metropolis, and is aided in traveling to Durla by Marla Latham. LSH v4 #8 <6.90>. The fate of the Durlan in post-ZH reality (Htl. L2) remains a mystery (although R.J. Brande’s own past also remained mysterious).
  Having borne two children on Durla, the Durlan returns to Earth as R.J. Brande, and begins to build a new life. LSH v4 #8
  Acquitted in his murder trial (see 1999/Yr11), Barry (Flash) Allen relocates to the 30th century to be reunited with his wife Iris. Flash Secret Files #1 <11.97>; Life Story of the Flash GN <97>; (orig. Flash v1 #350 <10.85>). LSH v4 #17 <4.91> establishes that Barry’s children Don and Dawn were 29 at the time of their execution in early 2995, placing their conception approximately here. Note that this is different from the year Barry relocated to (2957) in post-ZH continuity.
  Having already made a fortune in the star-building industry, Brande locates and hires his old benefactor, Marla Latham. LSH v4 #8
  Meanwhile… Zaryan the Conqueror loses 90% of the Khund Armada at the Battle of Daxam (thanks to intervention by the orphaned ten-year-old Laurel Gand). LSH v4 #9 <7.90>; date from Who’s Who in the DC Universe v2 <8.90-2.92>.
  Now the richest man in the galaxy, Brande begins looking to his past to find new frontiers to conquer… LSH v4 #8
History Notes and References
  2973 Legion Year One ↑ top
  [Jan 5-6] Three youths (Rokk Krinn, 14, of Braal, Imra Ardeen, 14, of Titan, and Garth Ranzz, 13, of Winath), just arrived on Earth, save R.J. Brande from assassins at Metropolis Spaceport. Inspired by their courage, reminiscent of the legendary heroism of young Valor (Lar Gand) in the 20th century, Brande rewards them (and provides himself with a new mission in life) by setting them up in a Super-Hero Club. They become the first Legionnaires:
  [1] Cosmic Boy
  [2] Saturn Girl
  [3] Lightning Lad
LSH v4 #8, Secret Origins v2 #25 <4.88>; (orig. Superboy v1 #147 <5-6.68>). The year is derived from DC house ads for the new Legion (v4) series, and can also be interpolated from in-story dates given for other early events. The precise date, however, is taken from (2995: The LSH Sourcebook <92>); this was published by Mayfair Games and is thus technically unofficial, but deserves considerable credibility as it was written by the Legion’s then-writers Tom & Mary Bierbaum. (I also served as an editorial consultant on the volume.) This will be the source for most other specific dates given below, as well, unless specified otherwise. Rokk’s age is originally from SB #147; the others are derived from the 2995 Sourcebook.
  Cosmic Boy is chosen by computer to be the team’s first leader, and is the primary drafter of the Legion’s Constitution. They quickly prove their credentials, and gain United Planets recognition and Science Police deputy status, when they recover the stolen Quintile Crystal essential to Metropolis’ fusion powersphere. LSH v4 #8; (orig. DC Super-Stars #17 <11-12.77>).
  [Mar 3] Other youths soon seek them out and are accepted for membership, starting with Luornu Durgo, 15, of Carggg, and Tinya Wazzo, 15, of Bgztl.
  [4] Triplicate Girl (later Triad, Duo Damsel)
  [5] Phantom Girl
LSH v4 #8. Tinya’s age established in the text page of LSH v4 #2 <12.89>.
  The growing team captures the villainous Lucifer 7, and rescues the Eyth system. LSH v4 #8; (orig. Secrets of the LSH #1 <12.81>).
  [Jul 10] At Brande’s prompting, Reep Daggle, 15, of Durla is recruited, soon followed by Gim Allon, 17, and Lyle Norg, 14, both of Earth.
  [6] Chameleon Boy
  [7] Colossal Boy
  [8] Invisible Kid
LSH v4 #8
  The team is called upon to defend the Time Institute from the rogue Green Lantern Vidar. WWho v2; (orig. LSH v2 #295 <1.83>). Vidar will later become Universo.
  [Aug 15] Hypertimeline L1-G only:
Another new Legionnaire is inducted:
  [9] Kid Quantum (James Cullen, 14, of Xanthu)
LSH v4 #33 <9.92>. Kid Quantum did not exist in the pre-Glorith version of the timeline.
  The charter members have their first, brief encounter with a time-hopping adult Superman (see 2001/Yr13). Adv. Supes #476/Action #663 <3.91>, “Time and Time Again.” Placement approximate. LSH v4 #105 <6.98>, post-ZH, explained this and later contacts [see 2981, 2995] as machinations of the Time Trapper.
  [Sep 5] An open call for membership is held, at which Laurel Gand, 13, of Daxam and Querl Dox, 14, of Colu are inducted.
  [9/10] Laurel Gand
  [10/11] Brainiac Five

Laurel brings a new level of power to the Legion, and Brainy brings a new level of technology, including time-travel capability. The two begin a romance when the team is sent to apprehend Doyle, Brande’s estranged “cousin” and the planner of his attempted assassination.
LSH v4 #9 <7.90>. Laurel is the post-Crisis replacement for Supergirl. Although she was not mentioned in the pre-Glorith era, it is not necessarily clear (as some have asserted) that she did not exist. There is no concrete evidence either way, and in my judgment the simplest solution is to suppose that she did.
  [Dec 4]
Hypertimeline L1-T:

Using Brainy’s new Time Bubble, the team travels back in time (and, unknowingly, to the Pocket Universe) and inducts the legendary Superboy (Kal-El, 13, of Krypton).
  [11] Superboy
Hypertimeline L1-G:

Using Brainy’s new Time Bubble, the team travels back in time to 2001/Yr13 and inducts the legendary Valor (Lar Gand, 16, of Daxam).
  [12] Valor
WWho v2; LSH Annual v4 #2 <91>. (In Htl. L1-T as in pre-Crisis history, Superboy was the 11th member to join—the addition of Kid Quantum has changed the numbering—and Lar Gand/Mon-El did not join until a year later [below]. For Superboy’s reduced role in Glorith’s reality, see 2987.)
  2974 Legion Year Two ↑ top
  [Jan] Cosmic Boy is elected to a second term as leader. No explicity story reference, but Rokk’s two terms are implicit in the timing of other events, and are confirmed in the (2995 Sourcebook).
  Phantom Girl is sent to Rimbor to capture Sugyn, where she first meets Jo Nah, 15, of Rimbor. SO v2 #42 <7.89>
  [Apr 1] Competing against Reflecto in his initiation, Jo is sent through time to discover how Valor became trapped in the Bgztl Buffer Zone… but instead winds up helping to create Lar’s legend (see 2001/Yr13) by warning him of a Dominator threat, thanks to a temporal anomaly secretly caused by Glorith’s manipulation.
  [13] Ultra Boy
LSH Annual v4 #1 <90>.
  [May 30]
  [14] Star Boy joins (Thom Kallor, 16, of Xanthu). He soon spends several months in the hospital after an injury, however.
This was the traditional position of Star Boy’s enrollment. (Orig. Secrets of the LSH #1 <1.81>.) Injury: (LSH v2 #306 <12.83>).
  [Jul 16] Hypertimeline L1-G only:
Kid Quantum dies (seemingly) when his power belt malfunctions during a mission at Mount Schorer, Mars.
LSH v4 #33
  Several more new members join the team over the course of the year:
[Jul 28]
  [15] Shrinking Violet—Salu Digby, 14, of Imsk
(joins on her second try)
  [16] Sun Boy—Dirk Morgna, 16, of Earth
(joins on his second try)
[Aug 30]
  [17] Bouncing Boy—Chuck Taine, 15, of Earth
(joins on his third try)
[Dec 24]
  [18] Matter-Eater Lad—Tenzil Kem, 16, of Bismoll
LSH v4 #24 <12.91> (provides sequence of joining, with minor gaps, in a Dominator communique).
  [Dec 11] Mon-El/Valor is temporarily freed from the Zone, to battle the android Urthlo. LSH Annual v4 #2 <91>; (orig. Adv. #300 <9.62>). In Htl. L1-T, Mon-El is awarded membership at this point (vs. one year earlier); he is the 18th member, making the number identical in both variants from here forward.
  2975 Legion Year Three ↑ top
  [Jan] Saturn Girl rigs the election and wins Legion leadership, hoping to spare her teammates the danger of Zaryan the Conqueror’s attack on Earth.
[Jan 18] Her attempt is only partially successful: Zaryan is repelled, but Lightning Lad dies in the effort.
LSH v4 #3 <1.90>; (orig. Adv. #304 <1.63>).
  [Jan 23] Mon-El/Valor is finally permanently freed from his thousand-year exile in the Zone, and joins as a full-time member. LSH Annual v4 #2; (orig. Adv. #305 <2.63>).
  [Feb 12] Meanwhile, far away, the space pirate Kivun Roxxas slaughters the entire population of the planet Trom, save one—Jan Arrah, age 12. LSH v4 #10 <8.90>; date from LSH v4 #31 <7.92>.
  [Feb 17] A number of rejected Legion applicants—
Polar Boy (Brek Bannin, 12, of Tharr), Night Girl (Lydda Jath, 17, of Kathoon), Stone Boy (Dag Wentim, 15, of Zwen), Fire Lad (Staq Mavlen, 13, of Shwar), and Chlorophyll Kid (Ral Benem, 14, of Mardru)—secretly form the Legion of Substitute Heroes.
SO v2 #37 <2.89>; (orig. Adv. #306 <2.63>).
  [Mar 5] Jan Arrah of Trom joins the Legion seeking to help track down and capture Roxxas.
  [19] Element Lad
WWho v2; (orig. Adv. #307 <4.63>).
  [Mar 12] Ayla Ranzz, 15, of Winath, Garth’s twin sister, joins disguised as her brother.
  [20] Lightning Lass
WWho v2; (orig. Adv. #308 <5.63>).
  [May 23] The real Lightning Lad is revived, but only through the noble sacrifice of the life of Cham’s sentient pet, Proty. (Unbeknownst to everyone, it is actually Proty’s consciousness that is revived within Garth’s body.) LSH v4 #3 [establishes four months since his death], Annual #3 <92> [reveals Proty backstory]; (orig. Adv. #312 <9.63>).
  The existence of the Substitute Legion is discovered. Stone Boy is offered membership, but elects to stay with his teammates in the Subs. WWho v2; (orig. Adv. #315 <12.63>).
  The Legionnaires discover the Iron Curtain of Time, created by the enigmatic Time Trapper [Htl. L1-T]/the megalomaniacal sorceress Glorith of Baaldur [Htl. L1-G], which prevents them from traveling more than thirty days into their future. LSH Annual v4 #1; (orig. mentioned in flashback in Adv. #317-18 <2-3.64>; Adv. #318 was the Trapper’s 1st app. in print).
  Ultra Boy goes undercover pretending to be a pirate, and finally begins a romance with Phantom Girl when she is the only teammate who keeps faith in him. LSH Annual v4 #1; (orig. Adv. #316 <1.64>).
  [Oct 20] Nura Nal of Naltor joins the Legion.
  [21] Dream Girl
[Oct 31] Nura alters Ayla’s powers (she is redubbed Light Lass), then resigns to refine her own powers.
(Orig. Adv. #317 <2.64>.)
  Sun Boy nearly destroys his teammates when he falls victim to a mind-altering case of “space fatigue.” WWho v2; (orig. Adv. #318 <3.64>).
  Htl. L1-G only:
The team begins planning a pre-emptive strike on the aggressive sorceror Mordru of Zerox, but Ultra Boy covertly sabotages the plan when he realizes that they would be playing into the hands of Glorith, and instead sets the two villains up to fight one another.
LSH Annual v4 #1.
  The Legion has its first encounter with the Daxamite Dev-Em, of the Inter-Stellar Counter-Intelligence Corps (and originally of the 20th Century). Adv. Supes #478 <5.91> and WWho v2 provide Dev-Em’s post-Crisis backstory; (orig. Adv. #320 <5.64>, in which Dev-Em was Kryptonian).
  [Dec 14] Bouncing Boy resigns after losing his powers. He is granted honorary status. (Orig. Adv. #321 <6.64>). This story features the secret of the Concentrator, a weapon that concentrates “all the power in the universe,” not seen again until a panel of Final Crisis #6 <1.09>.
  2976 Legion Year Four ↑ top
  [Jan] Saturn Girl is re-elected leader. (Orig. Adv. #323 <8.64>, in a story with Jimmy Olsen.)
  The Legion meets the Heroes of Lallor. (Orig. Adv. #324 <9.64>.)
  The Legion first encounters Brin Londo, 14, of Zuun, calling himself Lone Wolf. WWho v2; (Orig. Adv. #327 <12.64>, spelling the planet “Zoon.”) His romance with Ayla apparently begins at this point: “seven years” before their breakup in 2983, according to WWho.
  Brainiac Five creates the team’s flight rings. (Orig. Adv. #329 <2.65>, in a story featuring Bizarros.) The rings are made of Element 152, which was actually invented by Mon-El in Adv. #305.
  Dynamo-Boy joins the Legion, and, working with the alternate-future Legion of Super-Villains (Cosmic King, Lightning Lord, and Saturn Queen), nearly destroys the team through subterfuge before he is defeated. (Orig. Adv. #330-31 <3-4.65>.)
  [Sep 24] Mordru attacks Earth for the first time, and after a furious battle, is defeated when the Legion imprisons him in an airtight cell. LSH v4 #6 <4.90>; (orig. Adv. #369 <6.68>, described only in flashback).
  [Nov 10] Lightning Lad loses an arm (later regrown) battling the Super Moby-Dick of Space, a mutated lab creature. LSH v4 #3; (orig. Adv. #332 <5.65>).
  Lightning Lad is brainwashed into masquerading as the villainous Starfinger. LSH v4 #12 <10.90>; (orig. Adv. #335-36 <8-9.65>).
  2977 Legion Year Five ↑ top
  [Jan] Brainiac Five is elected leader. Imra serves as his deputy. (Orig. Adv. #337 <10.65>.)
  Htl. L1-T only:
The Time Trapper sends his servant Glorith to attack the Legionnaires. When she fails, he devolves her.
(Orig. Adv. #338 <11.65>.)
  [Apr 22] Brainy’s creation Computo goes renegade, and kills one of Luornu’s bodies during its rampage; she renames herself Duo Damsel. LSH v4 #2; (orig. Adv. #340 <1.66>, which was also the first published mention of the United Planets).
  [Jun] Star Boy kills an enemy in a confrontation, and is expelled from the team. (Orig. Adv. #342 <3.66>.)
  [Nov 29] In an alternate timeline, Mordru “liberates” Earth. LSH v4 #5 <3.90>. The date should not be taken to imply that Saturn Girl, leader at the time of his attack, was still leader at this point; that would skew the dating of several other sequences of events. Rather, this date may be assumed to have followed several months Mordru spent “mopping up” and consolidating his power.
  Nardo imprisons the Legionnaires in his Super-Stalag of Space. LSH v4 #22 <9.91>; (orig. Adv. #344-45 <5-6.66>).
  [Dec 8] Nardo provides the Legionnaires’ cell samples to the Dark Circle. LSH v4 #22 [according to records discovered in the issue’s second story].
  [Dec 8] The Legion gets its first new members in over two years:
  [22] Princess Projectra (14, of Orando).
  [23] Ferro Lad (Andrew Nolan, 13, of Earth)
  [24] Karate Kid (Val Armorr, 15, of Earth)
These three, along with Nemesis Kid (Hart Druiter of Myar), join just as Garlak, new Warlord of the Khunds, decides to send another armada against Earth in the “War of 2977.”
[Dec 15] The timing is no coincidence, since Nemesis Kid is discovered to be a spy for the Khunds, and Garlak is repelled.
LSH v4 #9 [described as 2-1/2 years (actually closer to three) since Zaryan’s attack in 2975]; (orig. Adv. #346-47 <7-8.66>). (These issues of Adventure marked the beginning of the “Jim Shooter era” as Legion writer.)
  2978 Legion Year Six ↑ top
  [Jan] Invisible Kid is elected leader. Valor is deputy. (Orig. Adv. #348 <9.66>.)
  The Legion faces its first attack from Universo (formerly Vidar; see 2973), and is saved with the help of his son, scientist Rond Vidar. WWho v2; (orig. Adv. #349 <10.66>).
  [Mar 26-31] The team has its first encounter with Evillo, during which Buncing Boy, Star Boy, and Dream Girl rejoin. LSH v4 #22 [records show Evillo sold cell samples to the Dark Circle on 3/26/78]; (orig. Adv. #350-51 <11-12.66>).
  [Apr 18-20] A renegade Controller sends a Sun-Eater toward Earth, and a small contingent of Legionnaires brings together some of the galaxy’s worst criminals (Mano, the Persuader, the Emerald Empress, Tharok, and Validus) as the Fatal Five to help defend against it, but ultimately it is only defeated through Ferro Lad’s sacrifice of his own life. LSH v4 #1 <11.89>, Adv. Supes #477 <4.91>; (orig. Adv. #352-53 <1-2.67>).
  [Jul] Universo takes over Earth in the guise of Earth President Kandro Boltax, but is unmasked by the Legion. LSH v4 #22 [on 7/02/78, Universo allows the Dark Circle access to more cell samples]; (orig. Adv. #359-60 <8-9.67>). First app. of the Legion’s Espionage Squad.
  Rond Vidar becomes Green Lantern of space sector 2814, but keeps it a secret as GLs are banned from U.P. space. LSH v3 #50 <9.88>.
  The Dominion has a revolution and begins peace talks with the U.P.; the Legion protects a group of their ambassadors from the assassin “Unkillables.” LSH v4 #22; (orig. Adv. #361 <10.67>).
  [Sep 28] Tasmia Mallor,15, of Talok VIII is inducted in the heat of battle when the Legion has to defend her homeworld from the Fatal Five; the Legion’s HQ is badly damaged by the villain.
  [25] Shadow Lass
SO v2 #8 <11.86>; (orig. Adv. #365-66 <2-3.68>).
  [Oct] The U.P takes over the team’s funding at this point, and the Legion Academy is established. The team builds a new, larger HQ, while repelling the first attack of the Dark Circle using the Miracle Machine (see 2960). LSH v4 #22 [gives month]; (orig. Adv. #367 <4.68>). The Machine is then sealed in Inertron to protect it from future use.
  Mordru (see 2976) gets a rematch with the Legion, and nearly wins, when he escapes from imprisonment. LSH v4 #6; (orig. Adv. #369-70 <6-7.68>, Mordru’s first actual published appearance).
  2979 Legion Year Seven ↑ top
  [Jan] Ultra Boy is elected to a half-year leadership term (revised in the wake of an exhausting year). Valor is deputy. LSH v4 #2; (orig. Adv. #371 <8.68>).
  [Jan 30] From the Academy come the next two members:
  [26] Chemical King (Condo Arlik, 13, of Phlon)
  [27] Timber Wolf (Brin Londo, 17, of Zuun)
SO v2 #47 <2.90>; (orig. Adv. #372 <9.68>).
  The Legion meets Don and Dawn Allen, the Tornado Twins. LSH v4 #17; (orig. Adv. #373 <10.68>). This occurs 16 years prior to their execution in 2995, not 14 as stated in issue #17. Given that they were 29 then, they can be no older than 14 at this point. This also helps place Barry Allen’s brief time in the 30th century [see 2964].
  The team has its first encounters with Leland McCauley III. (Orig. Adv. #374 <11.68>, #377 <2.69>.)
  The team meets the Wanderers (Celebrand, Dartalg, Elvo, Immorto, Ornitho, Psyche, and Quantum Queen) for the first time. (Orig. Adv. #375 <12.68>.)
  [Jul] Karate Kid is elected to a fairly uneventful half-year term. Valor continues as deputy. SO #47; (orig. Action #382 <11.69>).
  In saving Valor from near death, his descendant Eltro Gand inadvertently possesses his mind. LSH v4 #4, #6; (orig. Action #384 <1.70).
  2980 Legion Year Eight ↑ top
  [Jan] Valor is elected to an (again) uneventful half-year term as leader. Element Lad is deputy. (Orig. Action #392 <9.70>.)
  [Jul] Ultra Boy is elected to a second half-year term, with rotating deputies. LSH v4 #2; (orig. SB v1 #184 <4.72>).
  [Nov 4] Timber Wolf is lost in action, believed dead. (2995 Sourcebook; orig. SB v1 #197 <9.73> [in flashback].)
  2981 Legion Year Nine ↑ top
  [Jan] Valor is elected to a full-year leadership term, in a return to tradition. Sun Boy is deputy. (Many members of the team adopt new costumes around this time. The Legion loses several members this year, but also gets its first new ones in two years.) (Orig. SB v1 #190 <9.72>.) Artistically, this was the “Dave Cockrum era” of the Legion, through issue #202.
  [May 2] Timber Wolf returns. (Orig. SB v1 #197.)
  [May 29] Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel wed, and resign from membership. (Orig. SB v1 #200 <2-3.74>.) Note that the original story included J’onn J’onzz’s first 30th-century appearance, in a cameo as a wedding guest.
  [Jun 1] Drake Burroughs, 17, of Earth, joins.
  [28] Wildfire
(Orig. SB v1 #202 <5-6.74>; 1st app. as “ERG-1” in SB v1 #195 <6.73>.)
  [Jun 27] Invisible Kid is killed in battle with Validus. LSH v4 #2; (orig. SB v1 #203 <7-8.74>).
  The team has its second encounter with a Sun-Eater, assisted by a time-hopping Superman (see 2973, 2995). Adv. Supes #477 <4.91>, “Time and Time Again.” Placement approximate. Superman has bounced to 1943 in the interim. LSH v4 #105 <6.98>, post-ZH, explains these contacts as machinations of the Time Trapper.
  [Sep] The Legion has its first encounter with the “present-day” Legion of Super-Villians. LSH v4 #22 [Spider-Girl is arrested for these events on 9/8/81], WWho v2; (orig. SB v2 #208 <4.75>). There is no connection to the adult version of the LSV [see 2976].
  [Sep 16] Matter-Eater Lad resigns from the Legion, having been drafted into politics on Bismoll. LSH v4 #11 <9.90>; (orig. SB v1 #212 <10.75>).
  The team narrowly averts having its HQ burglarized by master thief Benn Pares. LSH v4 #22; (orig. SB v1 #213 <12.75>). LSH #22 indicates Dec. 7 for Pares’ arrest, but that conflicts with the 2995 Sourcebook’s date for Tyroc’s joining, below.
  [Oct 9] Troy Stewart, 15, of the interdimensional island of Marzal, joins the Legion.
  [29] Tyroc
(Orig. SB v1 #218 <6.76>.)
  2982 Legion Year Ten ↑ top
  [Jan] Wildfire is elected leader, as the Legion looks for a new direction. Element Lad is deputy. (Orig. SB v1 #225 <3.77>.)
  Wildfire brings in another new member, from the Academy:
  [30] Dawnstar (15, of Starhaven)
(Orig. SB v1 #226 <4.77>.)
  [Feb 10] Chemical King dies averting a Dark Circle plot to start World War VII. LSH v4 #2, SO v2 #47 <2.90>; (orig. SB v1 #228 <6.77>).
  [Jun 17] After years of putting it off, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad marry, and resign from membership. (Orig. Limited Collector’s Ed. #C-55 <78>, SB v1 #237 <3.78>.) Their marital status in later years is not in question, but this particular story has never been explicitly reaffirmed.
  Brainiac Five begins to discover Glorith’s manipulations of the team’s history, and she intercedes and drives him insane. Soon thereafter, he tries to frame Ultra Boy for the murder of his former girlfriend, Ayn Ryd. LSH Annual v4 #1; (orig. SB v1 #239 <5.78>). Glorith was not responsible for Brainy’s insanity in the original account, obviously.
  [Aug-Sep] Garth and Imra aren’t gone long, as they’re drafted into battle (and ultimately rejoin, under a revised Constitution) when the Khunds and the Dark Circle, allied under the influence of Mordru, launch the devastating attack known as the Earthwar. In the aftermath, the U.P. signs a treaty with the Dominion. LSH v4 #9, WWho v2; (orig. SB v1 #241-45 <7-11.78>).
  2983 Legion Year Eleven ↑ top
  [Jan] Lightning Lad is elected leader. Element Lad continues as deputy. (Orig. SB v1 #247 <1.79>.)
  [Feb 17] Garth’s term gets off to a bad start as the insane Brainy unleashes the mindlessly destructive Omega, created by the Miracle Machine (see 2978). Legion HQ is destroyed. Matter-Eater Lad saves the day when he returns and eats the machine, driving him temporarily insane. Both, however, are eventually cured. LSH Annual v4 #1; (orig. SB v1 #250-51 <4-5.79>). Brainy is cured in (SB v1 #257 <11.79>); Tenzil in (LSH v2 #296 <2.83>).
  [Sep 1] Tyroc quits. (Orig. LSH v2 #265 <7.80>.)
  [Oct 10] An attack from the Dark Man (a clone of Tharok) produces another new member when a reluctant villain changes sides:
  [31] Blok (of Dryad)
Meanwhile, Gim’s mother Marte Allon is elected President of Earth.
(Orig. LSH v2 #269-72 <11.80-12.81>.)
  Cham learns that Brande is his father. (Orig. Secrets of the LSH #1-3 <1-3.81>.)
  Violet is kidnapped by Imskian radicals, and secretly replaced by Yera, a Durlan. WWho v2; (orig. LSH v2 #285 <3.82>, #304 <11.83>.) This marks the beginning of the “Paul Levitz/Keith Giffen era” of the Legion. It was Levitz (in response to fan efforts) who first formalized the sequence of “leadership years” that provides the structure for this version of the team’s history—as first acknowledged in (LSH Sourcebook Vol. 1 <1986>).
  Lightning Lad suffers a nervous breakdown. (Orig. LSH v2 #287 <5.82>.)
  Projectra becomes Queen of Orando, and she and Karate Kid step down to reserve status. (Orig. LSH v2 #288 <6.82>.) The 2995 Sourcebook lists Dec 19 for this event, but it actually precedes Invisible Kid II’s induction (and the date for same), below.
  [Nov 29] Jacques Foccart, 16, of Earth, steps in to save the Legion from a revived Computo, and earns a place on the roster.
  [32] Invisible Kid II
(Orig. LSH Annual v2 #1 <8.82>.)
  2984 Legion Year Twelve ↑ top
  [Jan] Dream Girl is elected leader (with Jan again as deputy) in the midst of a crisis, as… (Orig. LSH v2 #292 <10.82>.)
  Darkseid enslaves the population of Daxam and launches a plot to take over the galaxy which becomes known as the “Great Darkness.” The Legion only narrowly averts this, with the help of the Subs and several other heroes.
[Feb 3] Among the helpers is Dream Girl’s sister, Mysa Nal, 24, of Naltor, who is inducted:
  [33] White Witch
LSH v4 #1; (orig. LSH v2 #290-94 <8-12.82>).
  [Feb 5] Ayla resigns. (Orig. LSH v2 #295 <1.83>.)
  [Apr 7] Colossal Boy marries Yera, thinking (at first) that she is Violet. (Orig. LSH v2 #298 <4.83>.)
  [Jun 11] Projectra and Karate Kid also marry, and retire to Orando. (Orig. LSH Annual v2 #2 <9.83>.)
  The real Violet is discovered and rescued. WWho v2; (orig. LSH v2 #304-05 <10-11.83>).
  2985 Legion Year Thirteen ↑ top
  [Jan] Element Lad is (finally) elected leader, with Dreamy as deputy. (Orig. LSH v2 #306 <12.83>.)
  Brainy inadvertently destroys the team’s HQ, but quickly builds a new one. (Orig. LSH v2 #311 <5.84>.)
  A new and enlarged Legion of Super-Villains attacks. Karate Kid is slain by Nemesis Kid, who is then killed by Projectra. LSH v4 #2, #10, #22; (orig. LSH v3 #1-5 <8-12.84>). LSH v4 #22 places this in “early” 2985, but the 2995 Sourcebook places its climax on Nov 12, thus overlapping the story below.
  [Nov 7] Saturn Girl gives birth to twins, Graym and Garridan, but the latter is secretly kidnapped by Darkseid and transported back in time to become Validus. LSH v4 #3, #22 [placing it three years after their marriage]; (orig. LSH Annual v2 #3 <9.84>).
  [Nov 15] Ayla rejoins, once again bearing the powers and name of Lightning Lass. (Orig. LSH v3 #7 <2.85>.)
  Meanwhile, Marte Allon resigns as EarthPres, and is replaced by Mojai Desai, who is secretly under the control of Universo. (Orig. LSH v3 #3 <10.84>, #10 <5.85>.)
  [Dec 30] The three founders resign from active duty. (Orig. LSH v3 #12 <7.85>.)
  2986 Legion Year Fourteen ↑ top
  [Jan] Element Lad is re-elected, facing an active membership of 20, the lowest level in nine years. Brainiac 5 becomes deputy. (Orig. LSH v3 #12.)
  [Feb 1] Element Lad launches a major membership drive, resulting in four new members:
  [34] Polar Boy (Brek Bannin, 23, of Tharr)
  [35] Magnetic Kid (Pol Krinn, 17, of Braal)
  [36] Tellus (Ganglios, 17, of Hykraius)
  [37] Quislet (of Teall (other-dimensional))
Projectra also rejoins, in the guise of Sensor Girl.
(Orig. LSH v3 #14 <9.85>.) Brek has recently disbanded the Subs at this point. Pol is Rokk’s younger brother.
  The Anti-Matter Crisis strikes across the timestream, wreaking all kinds of havoc, including the destruction of prison planet Takron-Galtos. (Orig. Crisis on Infinite Earths #1-6, 8, 10 <4-9.85, 11.85, 1.86>), and LSH v3 #18 <1.86>.
  The Emerald Empress brings together a new Fatal Five; in the course of battling them, Sensor Girl’s identity is revealed. LSH v3 #24-26 <7-9.86>
  Brainy, Cham, and Ultra Boy travel to 1999/Yr11, where they encounter Booster Gold—and leave behind artifacts that will facilitate his origin in the 25th Century. Booster Gold #8-9 <9-10.86>
  Simultaneous with Brainy and company’s trip, Cosmic Boy and Night Girl attempt to vacation in the 20th Century, but encounter time storms, and wind up in real history rather than the Pocket Universe. Cosmic Boy #1-4 <12.86-3.87>. Together with the above trip, this marks the Legion’s first inklings that their knowledge of the 20th Century is inaccurate. This may happen differently (or not at all?) in Htl. L1-G.
  On Zerox, Mordru is drained of his powers. LSH v3 #27 <10.86>. This appears to mark the most significant dividing line between this version of the Legion and the post-IC “unboot” version [see Hypertimeline L4]. Most events up through this point are the same, but Validus’ conversion (as seen in the entry below) does not happen in that timeline, and he remains an active villain. Star Boy’s resignation in #28 likewise appears to be apocryphal there. All subsequent entries, therefore, should be read as if they have a blue “pre-New Earth” tag affecting canonicity in the current DCU.
  Validus is returned to his parents in his original state. LSH Annual v3 #2 <10.86>, LSH v4 #3.
  [Oct 24] Star Boy resigns, returning to Xanthu to take the place of the missing champion Atmos. LSH v3 #28 <11.86>
  Universo brainwashes the entire population of Earth and takes over the planet, banishing the UP’s most powerful super-heroes to a barren prison planet. LSH v3 #32 <3.87>
  2987 Legion Year Fifteen ↑ top
  After several months, Saturn Girl and a small group of allies awake from the hypnosis, return to Earth, and break Universo’s control.
[Mar 26] Saturn Girl rejoins the Legion.
LSH v3 #32-35 <3-6.87>, WWho v2.
  [Apr 21] A special election is held after the Legion has re-assembled, and Polar Boy is elected leader. Element Lad serves as deputy. LSH v3 #36 <7.87>
  [Jul 4] Hypertimeline L1-G only:
The Legionnaires first meet Superboy (from the Pocket Universe), and admit him to the Legion.
  [38] Superboy (Kal-El, 18, of Krypton)
Adv.Supes #478 <5.91> [flashback only]. This is a result of Glorith’s patchwork attempt to reproduce the Time Trapper’s manipulations. In her reality, prior to this point, all roles originally occupied by Superboy were filled by Valor.
  [Jul 20] Investigating the time disturbances—and the doubt cast on 20th-century history by Superboy’s mysterious background—Brainy, Sun Boy, Invisible Kid and Blok travel to 2000/Yr12. They meet Superman, and discover the existence of the Pocket Universe, Superboy’s true home. Superboy dies saving his universe from the Time Trapper. Superman v2 #8/Action #591/LSH v3 #37-38 <8-9.87>, LSH v4 #13 <11.90>, Adv. Supes #478. In Htl. L1-G, this was the Trapper’s first actual appearance—and Glorith’s fatal mistake, as re-creating him even for this limited purpose provided a seed for the restoration of his power.
  2988 Legion Year Sixteen ↑ top
  Polar Boy continues as leader, with Element Lad as deputy (an extended term, due to the delayed election). (2995 Sourcebook.) Without this modest but necessary “correction,” the dates given in LSH v4 for many earlier events would leave a one-year discrepancy with the beginning of the “Five-Year Gap,” placing Sensor Girl’s term [below] in 2988 rather than ’89.
  [Jan 1] Hypertimeline L1-G only:
Glorith destroys the entire population of Daxam.
LSH Annual v4 #1
  [Feb 4] Disgusted by a conspiracy within the ranks, White Witch resigns her membership.
[Feb 6]
Htl. L1-T:
Seeking to avenge their friend Superboy without risking the entire Legion, five Legionnaires and Rond Vidar conspire to travel alone to the end of time and confront the Trapper. They successfully defeat him (using the Infinite Man), but another of Luornu’s bodies is destroyed, and Mon-El is gravely injured.
Htl. L1-G:

Seeking to retaliate for Daxam’s destruction without risking the entire Legion, five Legionnaires and Rond Vidar conspire to travel to Baaldur alone and confront Glorith. They successfully defeat her, but another of Luornu’s bodies is destroyed, and Valor is gravely injured.
LSH v3 #50 <9.88> (original version), LSH Annual v4 #1 (revised version).
  [Feb 15] Tried for insubordination, Brainiac 5 resigns from the Legion and returns to Colu.  
  [Feb 29] Valor finds that the Eltro Gand persona (see 2979) has been dislodged from his mind, and marries Tasmia during his recovery. Both retire from active duty. LSH v4 #6 [re: Eltro]; orig. LSH v3 #52 <11.88>.
  Dream Girl also resigns, departing for Xanthu. LSH Annual v3 #4 <11.88>
  The Emerald Empress launches a last-ditch attack against Earth, finally dying when the Emerald Eye abandons her. LSH v3 #56-58 <1-3.89>
  2989 Legion Year Seventeen ↑ top
  [Jan 1] His exoship destroyed in battle, Quislet is forced to resign, returning to his home dimension. LSH v3 #58 <3.89>
  [Jan] Sensor Girl is elected leader, with Timber Wolf as deputy. LSH v3 #59 <4.89>
  [Feb 17] Mekt Ranzz, the villain Lightning Lord, begins rehabilitative therapy on the prison planet Labyrinth. LSH v4 #10
  [Jun] The Arch-Mage of the Sorceror’s World precipitates the “Magic Wars,” causing great destruction throughout the galaxy as technology fails on a grand scale. The threat is finally quashed, with the assistance of several former Legionnaires, but in the process Magnetic Kid sacrifices his life [Jun 20], and the planet Zerox is destroyed [Jun 23]. LSH v3 #60-63 <5-8.89>. This marks the end of the v3 series, and the beginning of the so-called “Five-Year Gap.”
  The sorcerors of Zerox relocate to Tharn. LSH v4 #6
  Lar and Tasmia leave to explore deep space. LSH v4 #6
  [Oct] The economy of the United Planets suffers the “Great Collapse,” a result of overdependence on technology, overexploitation of resources, and overspending on the military. LSH v4 #1
  In the aftermath, the U.P. begins to suffer balkanization, and the Khunds make inroads into one-third of its former territory. LSH v4 #1, #13.
  [Nov 2] Tayla Wellington is elected President of Earth, and the Dominion covertly infiltrates EarthGov. Strains develop between EarthGov and the Legion. LSH v4 #1
  2990 Legion Year Eighteen ↑ top
  [Jan] Sensor Girl is re-elected leader in a “vote of confidence.” (2995 Sourcebook.)
  [Jan 6] Laurel Gand resigns to battle Khundish incursions on U.P. space alongside Rond Vidar. LSH v4 #8, WWho v2.
  [Jan 19] EarthGov signs a treaty of “mutual assistance” with the Dominion. LSH v4 #6
  [Feb 26] Imra resigns to help Garth tend his family plantation, just as the “Validus Plague” begins on Winath. LSH v4 #3, WWho v2. Brainy soon isolates Garth and Imra’s son Garridan as the source of the plague.
  Rokk marries Night Girl (Lydda Jath) and retires to Braal. LSH v4 #1 [date approximate].
  [Mar 17] Academy student Berta Haris (of Earth) graduates to the big leagues and joins the Legion as the team begins an attempt to regroup.
  [39] Nightwind
(2995 Sourcebook.)
  [Apr 12] Cham resigns to manage the precarious finances of Brande Industries. WWho v2
  [Apr 13] New EarthPres Tayla Wellington attempts to force the Legion to disband, withdrawing its subsidies, and instituting surcharges to its operations and heavy SP surveillance. LSH v4 #1
  [Apr 14] Kent Shakespeare of Earth joins.
  [40] Impulse
LSH v4 #12. Kent apparently seldom used his code-name, and he has no connection to Bart Allen.
  [Jun 7] The Legion Academy shuts down. (2995 Sourcebook.)
  [Jul 6] Chuck and Luornu found the UP Militia Academy on Xolnar. LSH v4 #16 <3.91>
  [Jul 24] Earth formally secedes from the United Planets. EarthGov ejects the U.P. Council and institutes a repressive new regime; the Council relocates to Weber’s World. LSH v4 #1
  2991 Legion Year Nineteen ↑ top
  Sensor Girl continues as leader. No election is held due to bureaucratic obstacles. (2995 Sourcebook.)
  [Feb 10] Two more members join the Legion:
  [41] Atmos (Marak Russen, 25, of Xanthu)
  [42] Karate Kid II (Myg, of Lythyl)
LSH v4 #40 <2.93> [re: Myg]; (2995 Sourcebook).
  [Feb 20] Jo proposes marriage to Tinya. The wedding is set for June 9. LSH v4 #2, LSH Annual v4 #1.
  [Mar 20] Projectra resigns to tend to the affairs of Orando, and Timber Wolf assumes the leadership. LSH v4 #15 <2.91>, WWho v2.
  [Apr 12] Tinya disappears on a return trip from Bgztl, and is feared dead. In reality, she has been shunted through time by the Trapper/Glorith (see 2001/Yr13). Ldot #9 <11.89>, LSH v4 #2 <12.89>, #61 <9.94>.
  [Apr 19] Atmos quits. (2995 Sourcebook.)
  [May 8] After an exhaustive search, Tinya is declared dead. The grief-stricken Ultra Boy returns to Rimbor. LSH v4 #2
  [May 27] Fully cured and returned to mental health after 829 days of treatment, Mekt Ranzz is released and joins his family on Winath. LSH v4 #10
  [May 28] Three new members are recruited:
  [43] Crystal Kid [Bobb Kohan, 20, of Earth)
  [44] Echo [Myke-4 Astor of Khundish Calish-Aetia)
  [45] Reflecto [Stig Ah, 34, of Rimbor]
LSH v4 #28 <4.92>, #44 <5.93>.
  [Jun 12] Braal declares war on Imsk, and Vi leaves to join the Imskian army. LSH v4 #1
  [Jul 5] Sun Boy becomes unofficial acting leader as Timber Wolf’s mental state deteriorates. (2995 Sourcebook.) This marks the beginning of the protracted “Black Dawn” crisis, which spreads throughout the events below. These events have never been chronicled in full, but enough bits and pieces have been revealed to assemble the basic outline.
  [Jul 7] Reflecto dies fighting the Molecule Master.  
  [Jul 23] EarthGov declares a state of planetary emergency and suspends scheduled elections. LSH v4 #30 <6.92>
  [Aug 12] The “Black Dawn” crisis reaches its climax as Dr. Regulus attempts to extinguish the sun. Wildfire perishes; Timber Wolf is severely injured and transformed into a more bestial form. LSH v4 #52 <12.93>
  [Aug 13] Hounded by the Science Police, Karate Kid II is forced to leave the Legion and become a fugitive. (2995 Sourcebook.)
  [Aug 15] Dawnstar, Blok, and Dream Girl resign in the aftermath of Black Dawn, in anger at Dirk’s handling of the situation. Nura becomes High Seer of Naltor. LSH v4 #28 <4.92>
  [Aug 17] Crystal Kid resigns. LSH v4 #28
  [Aug 23] Element Lad resigns. LSH v4 #28
  [Sep 1] Kent Shakespeare flees Earth under SP hounding, and joins the Braalian forces alongside Rokk. LSH v4 #1, #20 <7.91>, WWho v2.
  [Sep 4] Echo and Tellus resign. LSH v4 #28
  [Sep 12] Ayla resigns, rejoining her family on Winath. WWho v2; (2995 Sourcebook).
  [Sep 14] Sun Boy resigns in frustration, but Polar Boy is not willing to let the Legion dissolve, and takes over as leader in an attempt to reorganize the group. Besides Brek, the only known members remaining at this point are the stalwart Colossal Boy and Invisible Kid II. LSH v4 #1, #28.
  [Sep 24] Brek begins to enlist his old friends from the Subs:
  [46] Fire Lad (Staq Mavlen, 30, of Shwar)
WWho v2
  [Oct 8] Over Vi’s protests, the Imskians use a terrible new weapon, the Damper, against Braal’s forces at the battle of Venado Bay, as a result of which Rokk loses his magnetic powers. LSH v4 #1, #20.
  [Oct 20] More former subs join the ranks:
  [47] Chlorophyll Kid (Ral Benem, 31, of Mardru)
  [48] Infectious Lass (Drura Sehpt, 25, of Somahtur)
  [49] Porcupine Pete (Peter Dursin, 26, of Earth)
  [50] Visi-Lad (Rhent Ustin of Earth)
WWho v2; (2995 Sourcebook).
  [Nov 7] Tartarus joins the U.P., ruled once more by the notorious Prince Evillo (see 2978). LSH v4 #14 <1.91>
  [Nov 27] Two more former subs join the crowd:
  [51] Color Kid (Ulu Vakk, 27, of Lupra)
  [52] Stone Boy (Dag Wentim, 31, of Zwen)
WWho v2
  Thom Kallor (the former Star Boy) marries Yvyya Val of Naltor and becomes manager of the Naltor Dreamers batball team. LSH v4 #37 <12.92>; (2995 Sourcebook; says only “late ’91.”)
  [Dec 21] Former EarthPres Marte Allon becomes First Advisor to Projectra on Orando. LSH v4 #15 <2.91>
  2992 Legion Year Twenty ↑ top
  No official change in leadership, given EarthGov resrictions. Polar Boy remains unofficially in charge. (2995 Sourcebook.)
  [Jan 21] “Rebirth Summit I” is held on Xanthu, to discuss the reasons for the Collapse. A second Summit is planned for March. LSH v4 #1
  [Feb] Magpie steals the Hypno-Stone of Ouranos from EarthGov. LSH v4 #39 <11.93>
  [Feb 19] Laurel Gand visits Dawnstar on Starhaven. Not long after this, she loses her wings and becomes possessed by the “Bounty” entity. (2995 Sourcebook); LSH v4 #36 <11.92>
  [Mar 15] Former reject Storm Boy joins the Legion.
  [53] Storm Boy (Myke Chypurz of Earth)
(2995 Sourcebook.)
  [Mar 28] Harassed by EarthGov, Infectious Lass is forced to resign and go underground. (2995 Sourcebook.)
  [Apr 9] Chlorophyll Kid, Color Kid, and Porcupine Pete also resign, joining the burgeoning underground resistance against the despotic EarthGov. (2995 Sourcebook.)
  [May 27] In a arguably fateful miscalculation, Brek allows the bad-luck-powered E. Davis Ester of Touston to join the Legion:
  [54] Calamity King
(2995 Sourcebook.)
  [Jun 30] Invisible Kid II resigns, joining the resistance. (2995 Sourcebook.) Jacques soon begins a romance with Drura.
  [Jul 6] On Tharn, the de-powered Mordru is torn from his peaceful life and growing romance with Mysa, re-powered, and granted the position of “Supreme Teacher,” in a last-ditch attempt to defend against the Khunds. LSH v4 #6. It is certainly a remarkable coincidence that these two crucial events [see below] occur on the same day; it remains unrevealed whether it may be more than just that.
  [Jul 6] After endless government persecution (including 15 groundless prosecutions), Polar Boy gives up… and officially disbands the Legion of Super-Heroes. LSH v4 #1. Remaining members at this point are Polar Boy, Colossal Boy, Nightwind, Fire Lad, Stone Boy, Storm Boy, Visi-Lad, and (finally) Calamity King. Most join the resistance.
  [Jul 7] EarthGov declares its outrage at the re-powering of Mordru. LSH v4 #6
  [Jul 29] Gim Allon rejoins the Science Police. LSH v4 #12, WWho v2.
  [Aug 22] Brek holds a rally in a pizza hall to protest the repressive policies of EarthGov, and is arrested and imprisoned. LSH v4 #11
  [Sep 9] Dirk Morgna (formerly Sun Boy) becomes an official spokesman for EarthGov. LSH v4 #28
  Barry Allen II (“Bart”) is born to Don Allen and his wife, Carmen Johnson. LSH v4 #17. Exact date uncertain. In the 20th Century, Bart will come to be known as the heroic Impulse [see 2002/Yr14]. Note that this birth year only applies in this Hypertimeline.
  Kivun Roxxas (see 1975) is secretly released from Labyrinth, using money funneled from EarthGov through Marko Chang, the reactionary leader of the Coalition for Human/Humanoid preservation (and the man who later hires Roxxas for the Dominion). LSH v4 #10. Exact date uncertain.
  2993   ↑ top
  There are no official Legion activities during this year. As the year progresses, many members of the resistance are captured and imprisoned in the Dominator’s secret “Weisinger Chambers” beneath Metropolis. (2995 Sourcebook.)
  [Jan 17] By this time, according to a vid report, Mordru has successfully held off the Khunds, but has also let his power corrupt him and become a tyrant again. LSH v4 #6
  [Apr 11] Grev Mallor, Tasmia’s cousin and Champion of Talok VIII, becomes engaged to Lady Memory of the Hill People in order to avoid a civil war. LSH v4 #15
  [Aug 14] Grev and Lady Memory are married. LSH v4 #15
  [Oct 8] The Daily Planet, under editor Iris West Allen, discovers financial links between EarthGov and Marko Chang. LSH v4 #10
  [Oct] Quebec City powersphere is destroyed, and EarthGov frames Don and Dawn Allen for the crime. LSH v4 #17. Clearly, this is intended as retaliation for Iris’ investigative reporting above.
  Braal surrenders to Imsk, and succumbs to military occupation. LSH v4 #1. Date approximate.
  [Nov 14] The Rimborian SP issue a warrant for Silverale smuggler Jo Nah. LSH v4 #2
  2994   ↑ top
  [Jan 17] Marzal (see 2981) rematerializes on Earth, and is destroyed by EarthGov as a “Khund attack.” Troy Stewart escapes and joins the resistance. LSH v4 #16
  [Jun 27] Laurel Gand gives birth to a baby, Lauren, fathered by Rond Vidar. LSH v4 #7
  [Sep 13] Prince Evillo marries Saturn Queen. LSH v4 #14
  [Oct 19] Dev-Em, mentally unstable since Daxam’s destruction, escapes from captivity. (2995 Sourcebook.)
  [Oct 22] Fed up with the state of the galaxy, Cham (Reep Daggle) decides that it’s time to rebuild the Legion. LSH v4 #1 <11.89>. This issue marks the beginning (all flashbacks aside) of the Giffen/Bierbaum era of the Legion. The vast majority of the specific dates in this version of Legion history are courtesy of this creative team.
  [Oct 23] Cham contacts Rokk Krinn on Braal, and begins to lay plans.
• Meanwhile, Vi is dishonorably discharged from the Imskian army after two months in the stockade for protesting Venado Bay, and travels to Winath to be with Ayla.
LSH v4 #1
  [Nov 2] EarthGov holds its first elections since 2991. Tayla Wellington is re-elected as EarthPres. LSH v4 #30 <6.92>
  [Nov 17] Cham and Rokk recruit Jo Nah on Rimbor, along with his companions Kono (Britta An’nan, 15, of Sklar) and Furball (actually Brin Londo). They depart for Tharn, to rescue Mysa Nal from Mordru. LSH v4 #3 <1.90>
  [Nov 21] Roxxas is secretly hired by the Dominion, for the purpose of tracking down and assassinating the former Legionnaires. His first victim is Blok. LSH v4 #3
  Brainiac 5 discovers Eltro Gand’s persona buried in Lar Gand’s mind, and cures him.
Hypertimeline L1-T only:

Lar confronts the Time Trapper about his manipulations of the Legion, and destroys him, unraveling major strands of the timestream.
LSH v4 #4 <2.90>
  [Nov 29] In an alternate reality, the emperor Mordru (see 2977) is defeated and history rewoven, through the efforts of Andrew Nolan and his companions, casting the sorceress Glorith in the manipulator role. LSH v4 #15 <3.90>. It is interesting to note that this timeline, in which Mordru is destined to reign for a millennium, appears to be the “default” timeline for the mainstream post-Crisis DC Universe, i.e., the one which would have existed absent any external manipulations.
  The media learns of Roxxas’ acts, and in an attempt to cover up its involvement EarthGov hires private detective Celeste McCauley to track him down. She and her companions, Bounty and Devlin O’Ryan, begin by traveling to Trom and contacting Jan Arrah. LSH v4 #6 <4.90>
  Cham’s team leaves Tharn, accompanied by Mysa, Rond, and Laurel, having reached a stalemate with Mordru. LSH v4 #7 <5.90>
  Cham’s party and Celeste’s party join the former Legionnaires already on Winath, but their reunion is interrupted by a violent attack from Roxxas. Jo is sent 5000 years into the past with a chronal grenade (see 2000 BCE). Meanwhile, the Daily Planet publishes an exposé of EarthGov’s links to Roxxas. LSH v4 #10 <8.90>
  [Dec 4] Tenzil Kem frees Brek Bannin from imprisonment on Earth, and they set out for Winath. LSH v4 #11 <9.90>
  [Dec 5] Jan, Ayla and Vi track down and capture Roxxas, and turn him over to the authorities for questioning. He reveals the Dominion’s control over EarthGov. LSH v4 #12 <10.90>
  [Dec 10] The Persuader attacks the planet Quarantine (where Garridan Ranzz is being treated), attempting to assassinate Char Burrane Jr. (son of Starfinger II), at the behest of Molock Hanscom (Starfinger III, who is also linked to Black Dawn). He is stopped by Kent Shakespeare, who then departs for Winath to join the reformed Legion. LSH v4 #12-13 <10-11.90>. In #13 Glorith is also forced to recreate the Pocket Universe, and thus (inadvertently) the Time Trapper, to maintain the timeline’s stability. Issue #13 also reveals that the planets Lallor, Rann, Sklar, and Tsauran have all been conquered by the Khunds.
  [Dec 14] Cham gets a shipment of uniforms that he had custom-ordered… and the Legion of Super-Heroes is officially reborn. LSH v4 #12. Active membership at this point consists of Reep and Rokk (co-leaders), Ayla, Bounty, Brainy, Celeste, Jan, Kent, Kono, Laurel, Mysa, Violet, and (as a “mascot”) Furball.
  [Dec 27] Tenzil and Brek defeat Evillo on Tartarus. LSH v4 #14 <1.91>
  [Dec 28] Garth and Imra, themselves unable to rejoin—Garth is disabled by the effects of the Plague, and Imra is expecting—offer the ultra-secure planetoid Talus as an HQ for the new Legion. LSH v4 #14
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  [Jan 3] Tenzil rejoins the Legion. (2995 Sourcebook.)
  [Jan 12-Mar 22] The Khunds launch a massive attack against U.P. space, and Lar and Tasmia return to join in the battle. Chuck and Luornu’s Academy is destroyed, but the Khunds are defeated when Brainy deciphers their Glorith-supplied technology, and Glorith herself is sent to the end of time with a chronal grenade. Meanwhile, on Earth, the rebel underground run by Jacques, Troy and the former Subs joins forces with a group run by Universo. LSH v4 #15-17 <2-4.91>
  [Mar 27] Dawn and Don Allen are executed by EarthGov. LSH v4 #17
  Lar and Tasmia defeat Dark Circle machinations on Orando and Carggg. LSH v4 #18 <5.91>
  [Apr 11] In the aftermath of a battle between the insane Dev-Em and a time-hopping Superman (see 2973, 2981), Earth’s moon is destroyed, triggering the Dominators’ secret Triple Strike program and devastating most of Earth’s major cities. Adv. Supes #478 <5.91> [“Time & Time Again”]/LSH v4 #19 <6.91>. Since his last Legion encounter, Superman has been to 100 Million BCE, 500,000 BCE, and 6th Century Camelot; from here, he returns to the 20th Century [see 2001/Yr13].
  [Apr 12] Jo returns from an encounter with a Lord of Chaos in ancient Egypt, through the power of Nabu. LSH v4 #19
  [Apr 13] In the aftermath of the Dominion-wrought devastation, full-fledged revolt begins on Earth. As Dirk Morgna is falsely reported dead, twin girls Dacey and Doritt Ranzz are born to Garth and Imra. LSH v4 #20 <7.91>
  [Apr 16-17] As the Dominion attempts to re-exert control, Brainy, Furball, Jo, Celeste, and Kent set out to rescue two kids from Lobo (actually an android probe) and Darkseid. The end result is the merging of Aria Campbell with her twin brother Coda into the higher being “Gemini,” the restoration of Brin’s human form, and the apparent death of Darkseid. Meanwhile, Lar discovers records of the Dark Circle’s years-old “Doppelganger Operation” plan to clone the Legion, and departs for Talus. LSH v4 #21-24 <8-12.91>. The writers’ original intention was that the “Batch SW6” Legionnaires were the Dark Circle’s clones, but the truth revealed in the end turned out to be something else entirely.
  The Dominators send the genetically-engineered, Computo-based android B.I.O.N. unit after the escaped “batch SW6” (duplicates of the twenty Legion members circa early 2978), who have already encountered Devlin O’Ryan. LSH v4 #24-25 <12.91-1.92>
  B.I.O.N. is defeated when he tracks Laurel back to the Legion’s HQ. Meanwhile, the rebels capture one of the Dominators’ underground chambers, and meet the SW6 Leginnaires. LSH v4 #26-28 <2-4.92>
  [Apr 30] Tensions on Earth boil over when the Dominators assassinate EarthPres Tayla Wellington during a live broadcast. LSH v4 #29 <5.92>
  [May 2] Ayla learns that her brother is really Proty (see 2975), inhabiting Garth’s body. Meanwhile, Rokk and Lydda’s son Pol Jath Krinn is born. LSH Annual v4 #3 <92>
  [May 15-17] Cham tracks down R.J. Brande. On Earth, the SW6 Cham, Val, and Projectra are killed fighting the Dominators… even as Khund forces overrun the Dominion homeworld. Several Legionnaires, SW6ers, and other chamber escapees join forces with the U.P. militia and finally liberate Earth from the Dominators. Resistance leader Jacques Foccart is named new President of Earth. LSH v4 #32-35 <8-11.92>
  [May 19] Dirk Morgna is killed. Bounty is revealed as a possessed Dawnstar. LSH v4 #36 <11.92>
  The SW6 Valor disappears into the past while attempting to investigate his teammates’ origins. LSH v4 #37 <12.92>. This Valor is lost to the time-looping events of “D.O.A.”; see 2002/Yr14.
  [Jun 4] Abandoned Dominator weaponry bears bitter fruit as Earth explodes, killing over two billion people in what comes to be known as the Great Terran Disaster. Only 94 cities survive, in spaceborne environmental domes. LSH v4 #38 <12.92>
  Devlin O’Ryan joins the Legion. The full team meets the SW6 duplicates. LSH v4 #39-40 <1-2.93>
  [Jun 11] Jacques Foccarts resigns as EarthPres to rejoin the Legion. He is succeeded by Troy Stewart. Sean (formerly Shvaughn) Erin becomes SP Chief for New Earth. Reep resigns from the Legion to advise the younger SW6 Legionnaires, who are joined by former captives Catspaw (April Dumaka), Dragonmage (Xao Jin), and Computo II (Danielle Foccart). LSH v4 #41 <3.93>
  [Jun 13] The younger Legionnaires are formally deputized by EarthGov and the United Planets. Cosmic Boy is elected team leader, with Computo as deputy. Legionnaires #1 <4.93>. The team has 20 members at its inception, most of whom adopt new code names to avoid confusion with their older counterparts.
  Leland McCauley IV assembles a new Fatal Five, narrowly defeated by the young Legionnaires. L* #2-6 <5-9.93>
  Mysa launches a futile attack against Mordru, who counterattacks against the Legion with an army of zombies. The Legion takes the battle back to Tharn, and ultimately strips Mordru of his powers—aided by J’onn J’onzz, along with four new Khundish members forced on the team by the U.P. (Firefist, Bloodclaw (who dies), Veilmist, and Flederweb (both of whom soon return to Khundia)). LSH v4 #43-48 <5-10.93>
  Drake Burroughs returns to the Legion, possessing the body of Dirk Morgna. Tenzil Kem marries Evillo’s ex Saturn Queen (Eve Aries). LSH v4 #50 <11.93>
  The Legion travels to Baaldur to confront Glorith for her numerous conspiracies, and get their heads handed to them—surviving only when Devlin’s powers reflect one of Glorith’s attacks back on her. In the aftermath a weakened Glorith is herself nearly destroyed by the revived Time Trapper. LSH v4 #52-53 <12.93-1.94>. In issue #53, the Trapper reveals that he was the true creator of the SW6 duplicates—plucked from the past (in the same way he had earlier created the Pocket Universe), and stored to be used as a secret weapon when circumstances warranted.
  Framed by Universo, the Legion is forced to go undercover. Vi assumes the leadership. LSH v4 #54 <2.94>
  Rond Vidar and Circadia Senius discover dangerous instabilities in the timestream. LSH v4 #57 <5.94>. Although they understandably blame the problem on the Trapper’s machinations, it appears that the unraveling timestream is actually a side effect of “Zero Hour” [see 2002/Yr14].
  Laurel Gand is mortally wounded fighting Khunds on Weber’s World. Meanwhile, a desperate Glorith joins forces with her old enemy Mordru, restoring his powers in return for an alliance against the Legion and the Trapper. LSH v4 #58 <6.94>
  Infectious Lass captures Universo, and the Legion is cleared of treason charges. But when they gather to mourn Laurel on Shanghalla, they are attacked by the two united sorcerors—who unleash an army of past enemies (including many who never existed in this timeline), and succeed in capturing Rokk. LSH v4 #59 <7.94>/L* #17 <8.94>.
  [Sep] While R.J. Brande unsuccessfully attempts to replace Earth with the one from the Pocket Universe, Glorith and Mordru steal the stabilizing Time Beacon from Talus, and use it to summon the Infinite Man, stealing his power. They attempt to alter reality to their own ends, but are stopped by Mysa. Meanwhile Rokk, trapped in Glorith’s Infinite Library, studies her powers… and comes face-to-face with the Time Trapper, who turns out to be Rokk himself from a different history. With teammates disappearing in random time anomalies, the younger and older teams reunite—and, rallying around an unexpected appearance by Superboy, decisively defeat both sorcerors. Valor #22 <8.94>/LSH v4 #60 <8.94>/L* #18 <9.94>/Valor #23 <9.94>, “End of an Era.” Set “three months” after the destruction of Earth.
  The Trapper explains to the survivors that time cannot be stabilized as long as the duplicate Legionnaires exist. Tearfully but heroically, the Legionnaires unite with their doppelgangers… and fade from existence. LSH v4 #61 <9.94>, “End of an Era,” conclusion.
  This marks the final appearance (to date) of this version of the Legion. The final sacrifice, in the closing scenes, was made by Jo, Tinya, Brainy, Tenzil, Thom, Drake, Garth, Imra, and Rokk.  
  The Time Trapper’s own powers are drained in an attack by Parallax (see 2002/Yr14)—and the 30th Century ceases to exist. Zero Hour #1 <9.94>. This particular timeline seems to have been decisively erased from reality. However, several similar variants do rise to replace it: see Hypertimelines L2, L3, and especially L4.


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