The Future:  Variant B

(Hypertimeline L2)

A fter the ZH-related “reboot” the timeline of this new Legion at first appeared to be straightforward, with a clear 2994 start date—as noted in the annotations below—lending a sense of authenticity, and allowing the team’s history and the characters’ relative ages to be explored without confusion as the stories proceeded at their own pace. This appeared to be honored for about two years’ worth of “LSH time”… but after the books’ editorship changed hands, circa LSH v4 #103/Legionnaires #60 <5-6.98>, incongruous date references started appearing. Many of these could plausibly be dismissed as topical… but eventually, Legion Worlds #1 <6.01> unequivocally established in dialogue that its events, set exactly a year after the end of both regular series, occurred in the “31st century.” That places the previous series’ end c. 3000, or roughly six years after the team’s formation. That’s considerably longer than the stories by themselves might appear to have indicated… but so be it; I’ve done my best to interpolate events accordingly.

This version of Legion history has now been relegated to “Earth-247,” as designated by Brainiac Five in Legion of Three Worlds #3 <4.09>. That designation of course does not fit into the current 52-universe version of the DC multiverse, so obviously some relevant details remain unexplained. For the moment it seems prudent to continue to treat its reality as an alternate timeline.

(Future history before and after these events is assumed to match the “primary” timeline unless shown otherwise in a specific story.)

History Notes and References
  Background (21st Century)…  
  2001 “Year 13”
  Lar Gand, son of Kel Gand (martyred in the Invasion of the Alien Alliance), leaves Daxam to explore space. ZHTL; 1st canonical app. L.E.G.I.O.N. ’90 #16-19 <5-8.90>, wherein Vril Dox II creates his anti-lead serum; then next seen in New Gods v3 #17-21 <6-10.90>. Lar is apparently no older than 15 at this time, given his later Legion career. This version of Lar apparently no longer exists in the history of the post-Infinite Crisis DCU [see 1979 for details], but he does appear alongside his “New Earth” counterpart in Legion of Three Worlds #1-5 < 10.08-8.09>.
  2002 “Year 14”
  Superboy (Kon-El) projects a dying Lar Gand (aka Valor) into the “Stasis Zone.” Superboy v4 #18-19 <8-9.95>. This apparently (finally!) again overlaps the “Phantom Zone,” per Superman v2 #167 <5.01>.
  Background (30th Century)…  
  [In the primary New Earth timeline] Acquitted in his murder trial (see 1999/Yr11), Barry (Flash) Allen relocates to the 30th century to be reunited with his wife Iris. Flash Secret Files #1 <11.97>; Life Story of the Flash GN <97>; (orig. Flash v1 #350 <10.85>). Note that this is different from the year to which Barry relocated (2964) in post-Crisis, pre-ZH continuity.
  [Primary timeline] Skipping through time under the manipulation of the Time Trapper (see 2995), Jenni (XS) Ognats (see 2980) meets her grandfather, Barry Allen. Legionnaires Annual #3 <96>. Jenni’s visit is only one of many points of interaction between hypertimeline L2 and the “primary” DCU timeline. (E.g., see 2003/Yr15).
  [Primary timeline] After only a month with Iris, Barry is captured by the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis (see 1999/Yr11), and dies saving Earth from an anti-matter cannon. Flash SF #1; Life Story; (orig. Crisis on Infinite Earths #3 <6.85>, #8 <11.85>).
  [Primary timeline] Iris gives birth to Barry’s children, fraternal twins Donald Wallace and Dawn Jae Allen. Flash SF #1 (middle names from LSH v4 #17 <4.91>; possibly apocryphal outside Htl. L1).
  Billionnaire industrialist René Jacques Brande introduces Stargates, greatly speeding interstellar travel and trade. Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #0/L* #0 <10.94>. Dating is speculative; see notes immediately below.
  At Brande’s prompting, a unified EarthGov founds the United Planets, joining three dozen worlds in an attempt at peaceful coexistence. LSH v4 #0/L* #0; number of planets from LSH Secret Files #1 <1.98>. Established as a recent development, but exact date of charter is unknown; see below.
  EarthGov politician Mme. Jeanne Chu secretly incites a war between the planet Braal and Saturn’s moon Titan. Exact dating is speculative. Chu admitted to having done this during the “early years” of the U.P. in LSH #80 <5.96>; Cosmic Boy said the war lasted “decades” in L* #0; and Chu was seen as an underling of President Thawne [see 2982] in Impulse #25 <5.97>.
  [Primary timeline] Don and Dawn Allen meet time-travelling Wally West, and are inspired to continue their father’s heroic tradition as the “Tornado Twins.” Flash v2 #114 <6.96>; Flash SF establishes that the Twins were active in 2979-80.
  [Primary timeline] Jenni Ognats is born to Dawn Allen and her husband Jeven Ogats of Aarok. LSH Annual v4 #6 <95>. Flash SF gives the birthdate as 2978, but this contradicts the depiction of Jenni as the same age as her cousin Bart, as shown in Impulse #25, and also with her age at the founding of the Legion, given as 14 [see 2994].
  Secretly set up by corrupt EarthGov President Malcolm Thawne, the Tornado Twins die combatting [confront] a conspiracy by the alien Dominators. Flash SF #1, Impulse #25, LSH Annual #6; (orig. LSH v4 #17, a version of events valid only in the pre-ZH continuity, aka hypertimeline L1). This death is no longer valid in New Earth history, but the surrounding events may remain valid, and/or parallel events may have occurred later on the Twins’ new home of “Earth-247” (i.e., this timeline); all we learn from L3W #3 is that “the Twins died soon after [relocating]."
  [Primary timeline] Barry “Bart” Allen is born to Don and his wife, Meloni Thawne-Allen. Jenni Ognats is born to Dawn Allen and her husband Jeven Ogats of Aarok. Flash SF #1, Impulse # 25, Flash v2 #91-92 <6-7.94> [re: Bart]; LSH Annual v4 #6 <95> [re: Jenny]. Flash SF gives her birthdate as 2978, but this contradicts the depiction of Jenni as the same age as her cousin Bart, as shown in Impulse #25, and also with her age at the founding of the Legion, given as 14 [see 2994]. Not all details of these stories remain valid, given the revelations of L3W #3 <4.09>.
  [Primary timeline] Professor Zoom returns, attacking the Tornado Twins and their families. They flee to a parallel world using the Cosmic Treadmill—but it explodes, sabotaged by Zoom, and tears a hole in the Multiverse. Three versions of the Legion join forces for the first time to defeat Zoom. The Twins and their families stay hidden in this timeline. The Twins die soon after. L3W #3. The story has never been chronicled in detail; all that is known comes from a five-panel summary in this issue. The exact periods from which the various Legions hail is not specified, but can be deduced; however, “the turmoil of the event erased it from [the] minds” of everyone except L4's Brainy. The circumstances of Don and Dawn’s death in this reality remain unrevealed.
  Iris West Allen watches her grandson Bart age the equivalent of 12 years in his first two, and rescues him from captivity in virtual reality, taking him to the past of the New Earth timeline (see 2002/Yr14). L3W #3 says that after the Twins’ death, both Bart and Jenni “were safe and reunited with your grandmother, Iris — who watched [them] both age to teenagers in days.” That second clause is dubious, however, as it throws off Jenni’s age relative to this reality’s Legion, and moreover leaves unexplained why Iris took Bart back in time but not her. Absent further details, it seems safest to consider it an error.
  Jeven and Jenni Ognats flee to Aarok. LSH Annual #6. Exact date is uncertain.
  Five-year-old Imra Ardeen of Titan is chosen to study at the Titan Institute, to develop her telepathy. L* #38 <6.96>; date based on her age at the Legion’s founding [see 2994].
  c. 2988  
  Chemistry prodigy Lyle Norg of Earth becomes a millionaire off his patents for new ice-cream flavors. L* #66 <12.98>, established in flashbacks. Date based on his age at the Legion’s founding [see 2994].
  Querl Dox of Colu, aka Brainiac 5, age 10, goes to work for Brande Industries; eight months (and five laboratories) later, he moves on to the Time Institute Training Center on Talus. LSH v4 #77 <2.96>; L* #19 <11.94>. Date approximate, as Querl’s age when he joined the Legion is not known; however, he is known to have been acquainted with Lyle Norg, presumably during this time on Earth.
  c. 2989  
  Just before her tenth birthday, Zoe Saugin of Aleph saves her mother’s life with the mystic Moon of Koll. LSH Annual v4 #6; date based on her age at the Legion’s founding [see 2994].
  Rokk Krinn of Braal, “barely 11,” begins the path toward a professional magno-ball championship. L* #70 <4.99>; date based on his age at the Legion’s founding [see 2994].
  c. 2990  
  Runaway Luornu Durgo of Cargg is hired by R.J. Brande to be his assistant. L* #24 <4.95>; date based on her age at the Legion’s founding [see 2994], and this story’s statement that she was under-age [i.e., under 14, by U.P. law, as confirmed in L* #81 <3.00>] when she left Cargg.
  Siblings Mekt, Garth, and Ayla Ranzz of Winath crash-land on Korbal, where they are attacked by the native Lightning Beasts before being rescued. LSH v4 #0 <10.94>, described as “three years ago” as of the Legion’s founding; #64 <1.95>; Legends of the Legion #2 <3.98>.
  Thom “Star Boy” Kallor of Xanthu, age 12, becomes the youngest member of his planet’s team of heroes, the Uncanny Amazers. LSH SF #1 (profile page); date based on his age upon joining the Legion [see 2995].
  Zoe Saugin acquires telekinetic powers from a mystic pool on Titan. LSH Annual v4 #6, said to be “after three years” spent helping her mother with archaeology [see 2989].
  Science Police cadet Gim Allon gains growth powers from a meteor he encounters on Mars. LSH Annual v4 #6, describing Gim’s graduation from the S.P. Academy as “last year” during the Legion’s first year.
  Mekt Ranzz awakens from his coma with lightning powers, abandons his siblings, and leaves Winath to seek an illicit fortune, later becoming Lightning Lord. L* #23 <3.95>, LSH v4 #73 <10.95>, Legends of the Legion #2.
  After many months in the medi-chambers, Ayla and Garth Ranzz also awaken. Garth leaves to seek their brother, leaving his twin Ayla alone and stigmatized, until she gains the courage to use her new powers and heroically saves Winath’s co-presidents. LSH v4 #0, #64, L* #23 <3.95>, Legends of the Legion #2. The last of these retellings shows clearly that several months passed after Garth’s departure.
  2994 Legion Year One ↑ top
  Lyle Norg (see 2988) has become an EarthGov agent,
hired by President Chu and working out of its “Black Hole” training facility, together with his childhood friend Jacques Foccart—until Jacques apparently dies from drinking Lyle’s invisibility serum.
L* #66 <12.98>; described as “two years ago,” and clearly set before the Legion’s founding.
  Jenni Ognats’ speed powers manifest when she has to rescue her father from Dominator captivity. LSH Annual v4 #6; date is approximate, but not too long before her debut in L* #0, in which interval she trains her powers.
  [Early May] Teenagers Rokk Krinn (15, of Braal), Imra Ardeen (15, of Titan), and Garth Ranzz (14, of Winath) meet on a shuttle to Earth, and use their super-powers to save fellow passenger R.J. Brande from an assassination attempt engineered by his partner, Roderick Doyle. LSH v4 #0 <10.94>, LSH SF #1 <1.98>. Date approximate, but “a few days” are shown to pass between Brande’s rescue and his meeting with the founders; see below. All character ages are as disclosed in online postings by series writer Tom McCraw, except where otherwise indicated.
  [May 08] Inspired by the teens’ heroism and cooperation, Brande convinces them to join together as a team. He dubs them Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Live Wire… and they officially create the Legion of Super-Heroes. LSH v4 #0, LSH SF #1. Date interpolated from the statement in LSH #0 that the U.P. summit conference is in three days; see below. Note that LSH SF #1 states that Rokk is 16 at this point, not 15 as stated above; to reconcile this, we may assume that his 16th birthday coincides with these events.
  [May 11] The Legion’s founders make their first public appearance in costume, rescue Metropolis’ Interplanetary Zoo from an attack by Grimbor, and save the U.P. conference from sabotage. Triad (Luornu Durgo, 16, of Cargg) and Apparition (Tinya Wazzo,15, of Bgztl), join the team as well. L* #0 <10.94>; LSH SF #1 [zoo story]. Date derived from L* #0, in which a vid display shown to the founders on the day of the U.P. summit conference bears the date “299405.11.” Individualized costumes are devised, and Rokk is elected leader, behind the scenes prior to the team’s next appearance [see below].
  [May 31] In response to a draft issued by President Chu, several new members join the Legion: Chameleon (Reep Daggle of Durla); Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg, 16, of Earth); Kid Quantum (James Cullen,16, of Xanthu); Leviathan (Gim Allon, 17, of Mars); and XS (Jenni Ognats, 14, of Aarok). Chu appoints Gim as leader—but on their first mission together, KQ is killed by the villainous Tangleweb, and Gim returns the reins of leadership to Rokk. LSH v4 #62 <11.94>. This date reference is the most consistent and reliable one in the current Legion continuity: a deadline of “299405.31” appears on the draft notices not only in this issue, but also in flashbacks in LSH Annual #6 <95> and Legends of the Legion #2 <3.98>. Since the timeline in LSH SF #1 declines to provide calendar dates, all other Legion-related events in this Chronology are dated in relation to this starting point. This also helps preserve consistency with Flash-related future dates and events (whereas a sliding timeline would make hash of those).
  [June] The Legion engages in mission “F-203,” details of which remain classified. LSH SF #1; this is apparently the encounter with the “space/time anomaly” mentioned in L* #57 <2.98>, and possibly involves the unchronicled encounter with Max Mercury referenced in Impulse #21 <1.97>. It is also possible that this refers to the“forgotten” first meeting of the Legions of Three Worlds [see 2980], as described in L3W #3 <4.09>. There is a minor anomaly, as the recap in that issue shows both Kid Quantum and Brainiac 5, whose memberships never overlapped… but the roster otherwise matches this time period. (Flash v1 #203 <2.71>, incidentally, is the comic that first revealed Iris West Allen’s 30th-century origins.)
  Other unchronicled events occur, while the Legion’s Headquarters is under construction. (Tom McCraw once indicated online that the team’s early months needed to be relatively open, to accommodate future flashback stories.)
  Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox, of Colu) joins in belated response to his draft notice. The new Legion HQ opens in central Metropolis, with Tenzil Kem (17, of Bismoll) as team chef. LSH v4 #63 <12.94>
  The Legion defeats Mano, last survivor of Angtu, on competing industrialist Leland McCauley’s lunar base. President Chu informs Garth that his twin sister Spark (Ayla Ranzz, 14, of Winath) has been drafted to replace him on the team. L* #20 <12.94>
  An irate Garth quits the Legion, and is recruited by Ultra Boy to join McCauley’s newly-formed competing team, the Workforce. LSH v4 #64 <1.95>
  Both teams work together to resolve a crisis on the solar-based prison “Planet Hell.” L* #21-22/LSH v4 #65 <1-2.95>. According to Garth, this occurs the week after he left the Legion.
  [Summer] More unchronicled events occur?… The short-lived Legion Academy may be established during this time. (See note above re: early months; a natural continuity break of indeterminate length occurs at this point.)
  [Autumn] Several new members are drafted into the Legion: Andromeda (Laurel Gand, 16, of Daxam), Kinetix (Zoe Saugin, 15, of Aleph), and Shrinking Violet (Salu Digby, 14, of Imsk). LSH v4 #66 <3.95>
  Tinya and Laurel escort new cadets to the new Legion Academy on Warnabros. Showcase ’95 #6 <7.95>
  At year’s end, the Legion has 13 active members, one dead, and one resigned. (Events begin to speed up after this point…)
  2995 Legion Year Two ↑ top
  [Winter] Saturn Girl encounters the telepathic “terrorist cell” known as Network. Sovereign 7 Annual #2 <96>. The year is given as 2995, but the media refer to the Legion as “newly formed,” and Imra is shown without a flight ring.
  Lyle invents flight rings for his teammates. L* #23 <3.95>
  Lu is injured by members of the racist White Triangle. LSH v4 #67 <4.95>
  A renegade Durlan warrior attacks the Legion as the Composite Man. LSH v4 #68-69/L* #25 <5-6.95>
  Science Police officer Shvaughn Erin is assigned as official liaison to the Legion. LSH Annual v4 #6
  Under the secret guidance of Daxamite ambassador Roxxas, the paramilitary White Triangle destroys the planet Trom, killing its entire population, save one— the young Jan Arrah. L* #27/LSH v4 #71 <7-8.95>
  Lyle secretly forms the Legion’s Espionage Squad. L* #28 <8.95>
  The White Triangle attacks Earth, and is defeated by the Legion. Tinya is apparently killed; Laurel is secretly imprisoned for her connection to the Triangle. L* Annual #2 <95>
  Dirk Morgna is afflicted with flame powers by Dr. Zaxton Regulus, who is defeated by the Legion. Brainy tests an experimental time platform. L* #29 <9.95>; Guy Gardner: Warrior #29 <3.95> [Brainy cameo].
  [Spring] Garth tracks down his renegade brother Mekt, and loses an arm in the battle to capture him. LSH v4 #73/L* #30 <10.95>. Garth is still age 14 at this time, as Mekt states in the story.
  The Legion makes its first visit to the 20th century, enlisting the aid of Superboy (Kon-El) to rescue the legendary Valor from the Stasis Zone. During the mission, XS becomes displaced in time (in 2003/Yr15). Superboy is made an honorary Legionnaire. Superboy v4 #21/LSH v4 #74/L* #31 <10-11.95>. (Speculation: the ceremony at which Valor’s rescue is publicly seen to “fail” may mark the team’s first anniversary? It would be an undertaking of appropriate magnitude…)
  Chronos attacks the Legion from the 20th century (2003/Yr15), damaging the HQ. Lori Morning (age 10) is stranded in the 30th century, aged to adulthood. President Chu orders the Time Institute shut down. LSH v4 #75/L* #32 <12.95>
  Chuck Taine (16, of Earth) is hired to repair the HQ. Star Boy (Thom Kallor, 16, of Xanthu) and Gates (Ti’Julk Mr’Asz, 18, of Vyrga), both recruited earlier, finally join the team. LSH v4 #76 <1.96>
  Brainwashed, Jan Arrah battles the Legion as (the villain formerly known as) Starfinger. LSH v4 #76-77/L* #33-34 <1-2.96>
  The Legion gathers, then battles, the Fatal Five in response to a hoax Sun-Eater attack. XS returns to the 30th century, after being detoured by the Time Trapper (see 2957, 100th C.). The team executes a sting that reveals President Chu was behind the hoax, foiling her conspiracy to foment a new Braal/Titan war. The U.P. Council appoints R.J. Brande as the new president of the U.P., and the Legion is granted autonomy to manage its own affairs. L* #34-36/LSH v4 #78-80 <2-5.96>. The text in L* #35 states (correctly) that it is 2995. LSH SF #1 states that Brande was elected to be president of EarthGov; the exact nature of his position and the election/appointment process remains hazy.
  [Summer] New members Element Lad (Jan Arrah of Trom) and Ultra Boy (Jo Nah, 17, of Rimbor) join the Legion; Valor (Lar Gand, 18, of Daxam) renames himself M’Onel, and joins on a detached-duty basis; Live Wire rejoins, and Andromeda officially resigns. The team drafts a new Legion Constitution. L* #37 <6.96>. Jo’s age here is based on Tom McCraw’s later statement that Jo is 18, and Tinya 17, at the time of their marriage in LSH v4 #96 <9.97>. Lar’s age obviously does not include the millennium he spent in the Stasis Zone. The Constitution can be found in LSH SF #2 <6.99>.
  Violet is elected leader (with possible influence from the Emerald Eye, unbeknownst to anyone at the time). L* #38 <7.96>. The leadership term is one year, per the Constitution.
  Leviathan dies defeating Dr. Regulus. A shocked Vi is possessed by the Emerald Eye; in the battle to defeat it, half of the team (Rokk, Imra, Ayla, Brainy, the returned Tinya, Jo, and Gates, plus Shvaughn and Workforce member Inferno) is displaced in time to the 20th century (see 2003/Yr15). LSH v4 #83-84/L* #40 <8-9.96>. (Tom McCraw stated online that he thought the Legion had been active for a little over a year around this time, while co-writer Roger Stern felt it was a little less. The former estimate seems more plausible, in my opinion.)
  [Autumn] Garth becomes acting leader. L* #42 <11.96>. As senior active member, he assumes the role per the Constitution.
  The Legion holds its first open membership call, and inducts Magno (Dyrk Magz of Braal), Sensor (Jeka Wynzorr, Princess of Orando), and Umbra (Tasmia Mallor of Talok VIII). L* #43 <12.96>
  Lori Morning turns 11, and is reverted to that age by Rond Vidar so that he can use her chronal energy to find the missing members. On their first mission, the new recruits unknowingly free the entombed Mordru (see 29th Century). L* #44 <1.97>. Mordru 1st app. (Adventure #368 <5.68>); origin Amethyst v3 #1-4 <11.87-2.88>.
  Lyle is elected to serve as the new leader. The team battles Mantis Morlo on Vyrga, instigator of a recent Proty attack on Legion HQ. L* #45 <2.97>. This was presumably the special election required by the Constitution, not a regular annual one.
  At year’s end, the Legion has 13 active members in the 30th century, plus seven stranded in the past, two dead, and one resigned. (Note that the passage of time for the stranded “Team 20” during the period of separation is not necessarily the same as for the remaining “Team 30.”)
  2996 Legion Year Three ↑ top
  [Winter] During a failed attempt to rescue the lost members, Triad also becomes stuck in the past, while Lori acquires the H-Dial in the 25th century. L* #47/LSH v4 #91 <4.97>
  Rampaging across space, Mordru destroys the planet Sklar. He is finally defeated by the LSH, with the help of the Amazers and others (including Atom’X (Randall Burroughs) and Blast-Off (Jahr-Drake Ningle), who die), in a standoff on planet JS-1967; in the battle, Magno is de-powered, Mordru’s daughter Mysa reverts to her youth, and Violet is freed from the Eye and acquires growth powers. L* #48-51 <5-8.97>. In L* #51, Sensor notes that she joined the Legion “scant weeks” ago.
  Monstress (Candi Pyponte-LeParc III of Xanthu), formerly of the Amazers, is voted into the Legion. L* #52 <9.97>
  [Spring] The Khunds begin an anti-U.P. propaganda campaign, forming the rival Affiliated Planets. L* #56 <1.98>
  Cosmic Boy summons the 30th-century members to the past to help defeat Brainy’s rogue creation C.O.M.P.U.T.O., and the entire team is reunited in its proper era. Jo and Tinya are revealed to have married; Inferno remains in the past, while Ferro (Andrew Nolan, 17, of Earth) comes to the future and officially joins. Earth celebrates “Legion Day.” A Science Police space station is refitted as an auxiliary HQ and dedicated as Legion Outpost Allon, with the de-powered Dyrk Magz as Chief of Operations. LSH v4 #100 <1.98>, LSH SF #1. Jo was 18 and Tinya 17 as of their marriage shortly before these events [LSH #96 <9.97>], according to Tom McGraw. Ferro’s age is based upon the topical “1980” birthdate seen on the gravestone of his twin brother Douglas, in LSH v4 #93 <6.97>. How his origins in the 20th century affect the Ferro Lad seen in hypertimelines L1 and L4 is a conundrum that remains unexplored, however. (Speculation: “Legion Day” may mark the team’s 2nd anniversary?…)
  Brainy, Gates, Umbra and Zoe follow M’Onel and Laurel to investigate a mysterious Anomaly in space. L* #57 <2.98>
  Spark regains her lightning powers (changed to mass powers by the Source during “Genesis”; see 2003/Yr15). LSH v4 #101 <2.98>
  The Legion encounters time-hopping Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (see 2003/Yr15). Kyle helps them track and apprehend a false, villainous Green Lantern Corps, and meets his descendant Cary Wren. GL v3 #97-99 <4-6.98>. This must occur here: Spark has her lightning powers back, but Imra is not yet leader [see below]. Kyle apparently remains, behind the scenes, until Brainy returns from space [see below] and sends him back (although Brainy’s depiction is wrong in his scene in GL #99).
  [Summer] Lyle steps aside, and Imra becomes acting leader. L* #59 <4.98> Given the need to spread events out [see the section Introduction], the story logic here suggests that this takes place when the position can be quickly affirmed by a regular election (presumably occurring behind the scenes).
  Karate Kid (Val Armorr of Earth), formerly of the Workforce, and Kid Quantum II (Jazmin Cullen of Xanthu), formerly of the Amazers, join the Legion. L* #60 <5.98>
  Retrieved from the Anomaly, Brainy has been upgraded to a more integrated personality, dubbed “5.1”; Zoe seems dazed, the others less affected. LSH v4 #104 <5.98>
  The enigmatic Time Trapper summons the Legion to the end of time, revealing that he has manipulated history, created or preserved alternate Legions in various “pocket” timelines, and tested the current team to prepare them for future challenges. LSH v4 #104-105/L* #61 <5-6.98>. The “3.23.2998” displayed in one panel of LSH #104 is an anachronism and should be ignored. This tale explains the continued existence (after Zero Hour) of the “pocket universe” from which Matrix/Supergirl sprang [see 2000/Yr12], and the “preboot” Legion [Hypertimeline L1] that Superman remembers meeting in “Time & Time Again” [see 2001/Yr13]. The Trapper is clearly aware of Hypertime, and knows how to use it. :-) He will do so again in <ahem> the future.
  The Legion uses the Anomaly to defeat the machinations of the Dark Circle, the real power behind the A.P., masterminded by Brainy’s mother Brainiac 4; the Composite Man dies assisting in the effort. L* #62-64/LSH v4 #106-108 <7-9.98>
  Lyle’s old colleague Jacques Foccart, thought dead, reveals his survival and invisibility powers when he rescues Lyle from an attack by Charma. L* #66 <12.98>. The flashback establishes that Lyle and Jacques were spies “two years ago,” before the Legion. Hence, it is necessary to ignore the “299812.11” reference in Jacques’ dialogue.
  [Autumn] The team splits into two squads: Garth, Ayla, Brainy, Vi, Lyle, M’Onel, Val, Zoe, and Jeckie are stationed at the Outpost, joined by new member Thunder (Cece Beck of 90th-century Binderaan); meanwhile, Imra, Rokk, Lu, Jo & Tinya, Cham, Jan, Thom, Gates, Ferro, Monstress, KQ, Jenni, and Tasmia remain stationed on Earth. LSH v4 #110 <12.98> [Thunder joins]; L* #67 <1.99> (ignore the “2998” reference). The squad postings are gleaned from these and subsequent stories, as a full roster is never provided.
  Rokk takes on Xotar, the Weapons Master (see 1990/Yr2, 120th C.); Monstress turns orange; Thom is grounded due to erratic powers. L* #68 <2.99>
  Lori reveals her H-Dial powers, foils a Khund plot, and is recruited into McCauley’s Workforce. L* #69 <3.99>
  Brainy invents his “Anywhere Machine,” essentially an instantaneous VR surveillance device of phenomenal power, allowing the Legion to discover the “United Molecules” on planet Phlogista. Zoe is cured of her near-catatonic emotional state. LSH v4 #113 <3.99>. Vi notes that Zoe “hasn’t said three words in a month” since she and the others returned from the Anomaly, above, but the phrase is not necessarily a direct dating of that event.
  Brainy accidentally transforms the Oupost and its team into Bizarros! LSH v4 #114-115 <4-5.99>
  One subteam defeats the Eternium-seeking tyrant Pernisius and recontructs the Rock of Eternity, while another confronts four elemental beings (including Dirk Morgna) attempting to resurrect Mordru. LSH v4 #116-118 <6-8.99> and L* #71-74 <5-8.99>. The planets of Dryad and Gil’Da are destroyed by the elementals in the latter tale.
  At year’s end, the Legion has 24 active members, two dead, one resigned, and one de-powered adjunct.  
  2997 Legion Year Four ↑ top
  [Winter] Two former allies thought deceased, Atom’X and Blast-Off, are merged and resurrected as an energy being in a containment suit, “Drake Burroughs.” L* #76 <10.99>
  While most of the team takes a well-earned vacation on Summerworld (and Star Boy serves out his suspension from duty), the villainous Empress bonds with the Emerald Eye and joins the Fatal Five, absconding with the Legion Outpost before being defeated. L* #77 <11.99>, LSH v4 #120-121 <10-11.99>.
This is the last storyline before the change of creative teams. A natural continuity break occurs at this point that can accommodate a significant span of time and a number of otherwise unaccounted-for stories (including possible untold tales).
  2998 Legion Year Five ↑ top
  Star Boy and Umbra encounter a time-travelling Starman, and Thom learns that he is allegedly destined to travel to the past and succeed him as Starman “Danny Blaine” (see 2008/Yr20). Starman v2 #50 <2.99>. Star Boy’s mention of “2998” in this case may not be a topical reference; nothing ties this tale into the ongoing titles’ continuity—to the contrary, Thom was grounded at the time of publication. Ironically, however, he is not the Thom Kallor who actually becomes Danny Blaine; that is later revealed to be the Thom from another timeline entirely.
  Htl. M?: The long-hidden J’onn J’onzz reveals himself, fighting “a great evil” alongside the Legion of Super-Heroes. MM #1M <11.98> [flashback reference]. Exact date and events remain very uncertain. This does lend credence to the conjecture that J’onzz may be R.J. Brande, however (at least in this hypertimeline).
  2999 Legion Year Six ↑ top
  J’onn J’onzz helps several Legionnaires stop Leland McCauley from exploiting a planet occupied by a sentient plant species, the HssFssTss. MM #11 <10.99>. This may or (more likely) may not be the same encounter referenced just above.
  The Legion discovers a contingent of Titans, trapped in suspended animation since a confrontation with Brother Blood c. the year 2004/Yr16. Together they help overturn a plot by Universo (aka Sarmon Ardeen, Imra’s cousin) and Starfire’s sister Komand’r, and ultimately undo the events that trapped the Titans. Titans/Legion: Universe Ablaze #1-4 <3-6.00>. In the framing sequence Brainy is working on unspecified “Y3K” fixes for Legion HQ, and the tale includes several excerpts from the “2999 A.D. edition” of Encyclopedia Galactica, both of which help date the story. In the original account, the Titans are said to be from the year 2000. This is Universo’s first appearance in the post-ZH reality.
  Earth falls to the parasitical alien Blight, a menace which propagates via the Stargate network, and in the space of a month is utterly ravaged. The on-planet Legionnaires are almost all possessed and corrupted by the Blight, until a small team returning from an away mission helps to turn the tide and free the planet. L* #78-80/LSH v4 #122-123 <12.99-2.00>. Note that LSH #122 describes the story as commencing at “the end of the 30th century.”
  3000 Legion Year Seven ↑ top
  In the aftermath of the Blight crisis, a shocked U.P. council blames the Legion and suspends its charter. Star Boy and Dreamer take leave and return to Xanthu; Thunder resigns and returns home. But when lingering Blight sabotage of the Stargate network creates a runaway rift in spacetime, the team undertakes a final mission, closing the rift and saving the solar system. Nine Legionnaires (plus reservist Drake Burroughs) disappear into the rift, presumed dead. LSH v4 #124-125/L* #81 <2-3.00>. (This marks the end of both regular series, to be followed by a set of mini-series and a new launch.)
  R.J. Brande is impeached and departs for parts unknown. Leland McCauley is unanimously elected President of the U.P., and formally disbands the Legion, “with honors.” With the Stargate network defunct, the galaxy falls into widespread recession. Legion Worlds #1 <6.01>
  At its disbanding, the Legion has 13 active members, nine missing, and one on leave (plus two resigned, two dead, and one de-powered adjunct).  
  Eight of the lost Legionnaires—Imra, Garth, Cham, Brainy, Jo, Umbra, Monstress, and KQ—find themselves marooned in a remote galaxy. They befriend the female alien Shikari, a “path-finder” of the Kwai race; they also salvage Drake Burroughs’ energy form, and he joins the ranks as Wildfire. They endure months of struggle on the run from the genocidal alien Progeny, only to discover that the aliens’ feared “Progenitor” is their missing teammate Element Lad, who—having saved his colleagues from the rift only to be cast across billions of years of time by it himself, and ultimately succumbing to delusions of godhood—seeks to delete all life he didn’t personally create. In the effort to stop him Monstress and Live Wire die, even as the others narrowly escape back to Earth through a trans-dimensional gateway. Legion Lost #1-12 <5.00-4.01>
  31st Century:    
  3001 Legion Year Eight ↑ top
  • The McCauley “Footstep Drive” and telepathic “Titanet” are introduced to replace lost transport and communications capabilities, but remain cost-prohibitive for ordinary use. Dirk Magz and Kinetix both join the Science Police. Luornu takes over the remnants of Brande Industries, and M’onel, in reluctant cooperation with the McCauley administration, remains to protect Earth. The remaining former Legionnaires mostly disperse throughout space.
• Ayla returns to her homeworld of Winath on a Slo-Ship.
• Rokk, Vi, and Lyle, along with Chuck, go undercover as vigilantes on Braal.
• XS joins Thom and his girlfriend Nura on the remote Xanthu—just in time to fight alongside them, the Amazers, and the Khund military, helping defend the planet against attack from the ruthless machine intelligence known as Robotica. Only eight million people escape when Xanthu is overrun, and Robotica turns its attention to the Solar System.
• Val and Ferro find themselves stranded on the monastic world of Steeple.
• Tinya, pregnant with Jo’s child, runs to his homeworld of Rimbor, where she befriends the “wolfish” gang leader Brin Londo.
• Gates remains MIA, and Sensor incommunicado.
And on the anniversary of the Rift crisis, the lost Legionnaires unexpectedly return.
Legion Worlds #1-6 <6-11.01>, Legion #1 <12.01> [this would be v5 but for the title difference]. LW #1 establishes in dialogue that it is now the “31st century,” and pegs the return as “a year to the day” after the disappearance. Although colloquial usage might well allow for the “split” to be dated 2999/3000, in Legion #1 Brainiac 5 specifically notes that he and his teammates have returned to “a brand new millennium.” Brainy of all characters would know that centuries (and millennia) technically begin in years ending in “01,” and would be sure to use the term accurately—thus placing the return in 3001.
  In their first week back, the “lost” Legionnaires reunite with their teammates on a “Legion World” planetoid built by Brande, unmask President McCauley as the immortal villain Rā’s al Ghūl, and narrowly save Earth from Rā’s’ plan to trigger a catastrophic “extinction event” in order to accelerate evolution. Legion #1-8 <12.01-7.02>. Gear’s first appearance was in LSH v4 #117 <7.99>, back in late 2996. Rā’s is later revealed [Legion #18 <5.03>] to have somehow internalized the energies of the Lazarus Pit—and his own consciousness—into his bloodstream, allowing him to shift amongst an array of cloned bodies. It is likely that his impersonationof McCauley is only valid for this hypertimeline. In fact, as he has not time-traveled but simply aged into the future, he cannot be the Rā’s from the primary timeline if this Legion’s timeline is really a genuine parallel earth.
  In their second week as a reassembled team, Tinya’s mother Winema Wazzo becomes president of the U.P. and Kid Quantum is elected leader of the officially re-formed Legion; the Footstep Drive ships (secretly powered by enslaved Vyrgan teleporters) are replaced with a network of interdimensional teleport “Threshholds” navigated by volunteer Kwai pathfinders from the “second” galaxy; and the Legion defends Earth against a surprise attack by Robotica, which turns out to be a project of the renegade Computo (see 2003/Yr15), and frees Robotica from Computo’s control, at which point the machine intelligences negotiate peace and are allowed to settle on Pluto. Legion #10-14 <9.02-1.03>. The restarted Legion includes 20 members: Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Triad, Cham, Invisible Kid, XS, Brainy, Spark, Vi, Star Boy, Gates, Ultra Boy, M’Onel, Sensor, Umbra, Kid Quantum, Wildfire, and Shikari, plus the techno-organic Gear (I.Z.O.R. of Linsnar) and Chuck Taine (despite his lack of powers, he is shown on the member board in #10). Apparition and her newborn son “Cub” return to Earth soon after, accompanied by Brin Londo. Kinetix, transformed during Rā’s attack, rejoins as well.
  Timber Wolf (Brin Londo, recruited by Brande) goes toe-to-toe with the Fatal Five on his second day as a Legionnaire… and prevails. Legion #15-16 <2-3.03>
  Universo uses the Titanet to amplify his powers and capture minds throughout the U.P., including almost every Legionnaire… until Projectra and Shikari retrieve Karate Kid and Ferro from Steeple and devise a rescue. Dreamer (Nura Schnappin of Naltor) wins membership for her assistance in Universo’s defeat. Legion #19-23 <6-10.03>. The caption in #19 placing the story in “3003” is wrong; it is clearly no more than a few weeks since the “lost” Legionnaires’ return.
  [May 08] On “Foundation Day,” the anniversary of the Legion’s founding, Legion World inducts a class of 20 new cadets, Rokk and Jazmin begin a relationship, Garth’s consciousness returns in a duplicate of Jan’s body… and Superboy mysteriously appears from the past (see 2008/Yr20) in a “dimension-storm.” He assumes active duty with the team. Legion #25 <12.03>
  [Jun] The Legion discovers Apokoliptian “servants of darkness” working to revive a dormant Darkseid, and using boom tubes to siphon dark matter ten years into the past… in a futile attempt to create a gravitic bulwark against the chronal collapse that occurs when Darkseid summons his younger self from the distant past (see 8th Century). With literally only seconds to spare, the Legion foils the plan and saves the universe… but earns a new enemy. Legion #26-30 <1-4.04>. Established in-story as beginning “five weeks” after “Foundation Day.” Note that the captions in issues #26 and #29 referring to “3003” are incorrect, merely a reference to the story’s publication date; the setting remains 3001. The teenage Clark Kent stolen from the past to be a servant of darkness in this tale appears to be the genuine article (see 1980 ), and thus Darkseid is probably from the primary (“New Earth”) timeline as well; the New Gods have always existed in a dimension independent from the Multiverse proper. The caption reading “1976 A.D.” in the panel showing the Wayne murders in issue #29 is incorrect; it fits neither this timeline nor DC’s “official” version.
  The Legion defeats and discredits the genocidal “Credo” movement, rescuing R.J. Brande’s diplomatic mission to the Kwai galaxy. Legion #32-33 <6-7.04>
  Meta-terrorists shut off all technological power in Metropolis, and almost succeed in assassinating President Wazzo. The Legion only pulls the city through the crisis by recruiting the cooperation of affected civilians and villains alike. Legion #34-38 <8-9.04>. One final time, the captioned “3003” setting is not reliable. (The story is not tightly connected to preceding ones, and the date arguably could work—but for Superboy’s remarks in the tale immediately below.)
  [Oct?] The Legion successfully sends Superboy to his home era to recruit help—the Teen Titans—against a multi-dimensional attack by the “Fatal Five Hundred.” Brainy successfully sends the duplicates back to their home realities, but in the process the Legionnaires themselves are severed from the space-time continuum and pulled into an unknowable vortex. Only Shikari escapes, as the timeline re-forms around her. (See Htl. L3, 3004.) Teen Titans v3 #16 <11.04> and TT/Legion Special #1 <11.04>. The dating is a bit murky—Superboy says that he’s been in the future for “five months,” but Cosmic Boy says that the villains’ attack began on “the anniversary of the Legion’s formation”—which intervening events preclude from being the same anniversary on which Superboy appeared [above]—suggesting a full year. I opt to rely on Superboy’s own words and keep the duration of his visit shorter, but it’s a judgement call.
  At its disappearance, the Legion had 28 active members, counting Superboy. Questions regarding certain present-day characters linked to this “lost” Hypertimeline—e.g., Lar Gand, Andrew Nolan—have yet to be resolved.  
  Shikari rediscovers her teammates, back in action on the temporally fragmented “Earth-247.” Infinite Crisis #6 <5.06>. Date uncertain. As the “alternate earths” in this story were soon merged back into a single “New Earth” timeline, Brainiac 5 of Htl. L4 [in Legion of Three Worlds #3 <4.09>] deems this reality to have been “recently destroyed.”
  The Legion is pulled from limbo into the New Earth reality, alongside the L3 team, to help the L4 team combat a combined assault from a revived Legion of Super-Villains, Superboy-Prime, and the Time Trapper. In the process several members die, but they successfully revive Bart (Kid Flash) Allen and Conner (Superboy) Kent. L3W #1-5 <10.08-8.09>. Note that the transported team omits Chuck Taine, but includes Andromeda, who had resigned her membership.

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