The Future:  Variant D

(Hypertimeline L4)

S ince the end of Infinite Crisis, Geoff Johns has penned a number of stories that feature a Legion different from the “threeboot” version, one much closer to the original. Fan sentiment in some quarters has already begun calling it the “unboot” Legion, and for lack of a better term, that’s the one I’ll run with.

It‘s not entirely the same as the original pre-Crisis Legion, however, nor even a return to the first post-Crisis incarnation. The differences are sometimes subtle, but significant. In the team’s early years, the Legion’s involvement with a young Clark Kent has been restored (rather than replacing him with a Pocket Universe Superboy, or with Mon-El). In the later years, events after the Crisis take a very different path than they did in the stories published from 1986-’94.

Recent events [specifically Legion of Three Worlds #3 <4.09>] have established that this Legion occupies the “true” future of the post-Infinite Crisis DCU, aka “New Earth”/Earth-Ø. However, the same story also established that “when time-traveling one can shift into the Multiverse," with this reality’s Brainiac Five explaining that the L2 and L3 Legions “interacted with our earth’s history… on many occasions,” which certainly blurs the lines between parallel earths and alternate timelines. For the moment, I'll continue to refer to this as “L4” and the others as alternate timelines. Even more than with the others, though, future history before and after this point should definitely match up with the “primary” timeline.

Thus, certain events from the original Silver Age LSH stories must still remain apocryphal: this Legion cannot have had any significant interactions with Lana Lang, Pete Ross, Jimmy Olsen, or Lex Luthor, nor for that matter with any version of Supergirl or Superboy. It also features a slightly different version of Lar Gand than we had seen before. Beyond that, however, I will assume for the sake of convenience (and contrary to my usual practice) that events known to have happened to the Legion in publication as of 1986 also happened to this version, even if they have not been explicitly reaffirmed—since that is the intent expressed by Johns (and DC editorial) in multiple interviews. Thus, much of this timeline may look very familiar. (However, it is not meant to be a catalog of every single story that might be canonical. For those seeking greater detail, I recommend the Cosmic Teams site.)

The passage of time (demarcated by leadership terms, as first clarified in the Levitz era) will be similar to L1 as well, although the specific years are different. Facts (including flashback events and specific dates) established after 1986 (around Legion Year 14) are not necessarily canonical for this version of the team, however, and are not included here (with a handful of minor exceptions; e.g., some early background from the extremely useful origin recap in LSH v4 #8).

History Notes and References
  Background (20th-21st Century)…  
  c. 1979  
  Lar Gand of Daxam lands on earth and meets Clark Kent, who dubs the amnesiac visitor “Mon-El.” When Lar is exposed to lead poisoning, however, Clark is forced to project him into the Phantom Zone. Action Annual #10 <2007>, Superman #674 <5.08> (orig. Superboy v1 #89 <6.61>). Date uncertain; Clark’s age is not stated. He can fly and knows of his Kryptonian heritage, but appears to be slightly younger (and lonelier) than in the episode chronicled below. How this origin of Mon-El affects the version of him seen in modern times [e.g., 2001-’02/Yrs 13-14], and in alternate versions of the Legion [see 30th Century] remains to be fully explained.
  c. 1980  
  Clark Kent is visited by Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad from the late 30th Century, who recruit him into the Legion of Super-Heroes (see 2992). JSA v4 #5-6 <6-7.07>, Action #858 <12.07>. Date approximate; Clark’s age is not specified, but his flight powers are shown to be fully developed. At this writing full details of his interaction with this latest version of the Legion remain to be disclosed.
  2000 “Year 12”
  Prince Wrynn of Gemworld is corrupted by the Lords of Chaos and becomes Mordru. He is defeated and entombed by Amethyst. Amethyst v3 [mini-series] #1-4 <11.87-2.88>. This story establishes that 30th-century Zerox, aka the Sorceror’s World, was originally Gemworld (in a different dimension) during the 20th Century.
History Notes and References
  2992 Legion Year One ↑ top
  Three youths (Rokk Krinn, 14, of Braal, Imra Ardeen, 14, of Titan, and Garth Ranzz, 13, of Winath), just arrived on Earth, save billionaire R.J. Brande from assassins at Metropolis Spaceport. Inspired by their courage, reminiscent of the legendary heroism of young Valor (Lar Gand) in the 20th century, Brande rewards them (and provides himself with a new mission in life) by setting them up in a Super-Hero Club. They become the first Legionnaires:
  [1] Cosmic Boy
  [2] Saturn Girl
  [3] Lightning Lad
Secret Origins v2 #25 <4.88>, LSH v4 #8 <6.90>; (orig. SB v1 #147 <5-6.68>). The date is interpolated in a roundabout way. We know the progress of events through Legion Year 14, but after that all we know at this writing is that “a few years” passed before the Legion reunited with Superman in “3008” in Action #858-864 <12.07-6.08>. However, we are told that Thom (Starman) Kallor’s mission to the 21st Century began several months before that story, and we also know he was “like 30” when he first arrived in the present [per Starman v2 #73 <1.01>]. Given that data, and Thom’s established age of 16 as of Legion Year Two, below, our best estimate must be that his journey back occurred c. Legion Year 16. Knowing that the following year is 3008, we can thus count backward and locate Legion Year One in 2992. Rokk’s age here is originally from SB #147; the others are derived from (2995: The LSH Sourcebook <92>). This was published by Mayfair Games and is thus technically unofficial, although written by the writers of LSH v4; I will not use it as a source in this Hypertimeline for data other than character ages.
  Cosmic Boy is chosen by computer to be the team’s first leader, and is the primary drafter of the Legion’s Constitution. They quickly prove their credentials, and gain United Planets recognition and Science Police deputy status, when they recover the stolen Quintile Crystal essential to Metropolis’ fusion powersphere. LSH v4 #8; (orig. DC Super-Stars #17 <11-12.77>).
  Other youths soon seek them out and are accepted for membership, starting with Luornu Durgo, 15, of Carggg, and Tinya Wazzo, 15, of Bgztl.
  [4] Triplicate Girl (later Triad, Duo Damsel)
  [5] Phantom Girl
LSH v4 #8, SO v2 #42 <7.89>; (SB v1 #147). Tinya’s age established in the text page of LSH v4 #2 <12.89>.
  The growing team captures the villainous Lucifer 7, and rescues the Eyth system. LSH v4 #8; (orig. Secrets of the LSH #1 <12.81>).
  At Brande’s prompting, Reep Daggle, 15, of Durla is recruited, soon followed by Gim Allon, 17, and Lyle Norg, 14, both of Earth.
  [6] Chameleon Boy
  [7] Colossal Boy
  [8] Invisible Kid
LSH v4 #8
  The team is called upon to defend the Time Institute from the rogue Green Lantern Vidar. WWho v2; (orig. LSH v2 #295 <1.83>). Vidar will later become Universo.
  The charter members have their first, brief encounter with a time-hopping adult Superman (see 2001/Yr13). Adv. Supes #476/Action #663 <3.91>, “Time and Time Again.” Placement approximate. LSH v4 #105 <6.98>, post-ZH, explained this and later contacts [see 2981, 2995] as machinations of the Time Trapper. Whether this contact was with this version of the Legion or the L1 version is not clear—if it happened at all in current canon, that is; Justice Society v4 #6 <7.07> states that the last time Superman saw his Legion was right after the original Crisis.
  An open call for membership is held, at which Querl Dox, 14, of Colu is inducted.
  [9] Brainiac Five

Brainy brings a new level of technology to the Legion, including time-travel capability.
Note that at this point in the original pre-Crisis continuity (Action #276 <5.61>), Supergirl joined as well, and soon began an on-again off-again romance with Brainy. In the original post-Crisis continuity [LSH v4 #9 <7.90>], she was replaced by Laurel Gand. From all appearances thus far, neither one existed for this version of the Legion, although there is no iron-clad logic actually precluding Laurel Gand.
  2993 Legion Year Two ↑ top
  Using Brainy’s new Time Bubble, the three founders travels back in time (see 1980) and induct the teenage Clark Kent, the future Superman.
  [10] Kal-El—of Krypton
Action #858 <12.07> (orig. Adventure #247 <4.58>, the Legion’s very first published appearance). Clark is not known to have used the name “Superboy” in current canon, although one flashback panel in JSA v4 #6 and another in Action #863 <5.08> do show him wearing his familiar costume alongside the Legion. Clark is probably about 15 at this time. Datewise, the story confirms that it is “the late 30th century,” not yet the 31st.
  Cosmic Boy is elected to a second term as leader. No explicity story reference, but Rokk’s two terms are implicit in the timing of other events, and are confirmed in the (2995 Sourcebook).
  Phantom Girl is sent to Rimbor to capture Sugyn, where she first meets Jo Nah, 15, of Rimbor. SO v2 #42
  Competing against Reflecto in his initiation, Jo wins membership in the Legion.
  [11] Ultra Boy
It is not at all clear what the details of this story might be in current canon. Originally (SB v1 #98 <7.62>), he was sent back in time to Smallville to discover Superboy’s secret identity. Post-Crisis [LSH Annual v4 #1 <90>], he was sent through time to discover how Lar (Valor) Gand became trapped in the Bgztl Buffer Zone, but instead wound up helping to create Lar’s legend by warning him of a Dominator threat. Neither tale fits within the current DCU.
    [12] Star Boy joins (Thom Kallor, 16, of Xanthu). He soon spends several months in the hospital after an injury, however. This was the traditional position of Star Boy’s enrollment. (Orig. Secrets of the LSH #1 <1.81>.) Injury: (LSH v2 #306 <12.83>).
  Several more new members join the team over the course of the year:
  [13] Shrinking Violet—Salu Digby, 14, of Imsk
(joins on her second try)
  [14] Sun Boy—Dirk Morgna, 16, of Earth
(joins on his second try)
  [15] Bouncing Boy—Chuck Taine, 15, of Earth
(joins on his third try)
Salu, Dirk: (Secrets of the LSH #2 <2.81>). Chuck: (Adv. #301 <10.62>).
  Mon-El is temporarily freed from the Phantom Zone (thanks to a serum invented by Saturn Girl), to battle the android Urthlo. He is granted honorary membership.
  [16] Mon-El—Lar Gand of Daxam
(Orig. Adv. #300 <9.62>.)
    [17] Matter-Eater Lad joins (Tenzil Kem, 16, of Bismoll). (Orig. Adv. #303<12.62>.)
  2994 Legion Year Three ↑ top
  Saturn Girl rigs the election and wins Legion leadership, hoping to spare her teammates the danger of Zaryan the Conqueror’s attack on Earth. Her attempt is only partially successful: Zaryan is repelled, but Lightning Lad dies in the effort. (Orig. Adv. #304 <1.63>.)
  Mon-El is finally permanently freed from his thousand-year exile in the Phantom Zone, and joins as a full-time member. (Orig. Adv. #305 <2.63>.)
  A number of rejected Legion applicants—Polar Boy (Brek Bannin, 15, of Tharr), Night Girl (Lydda Jath, 17, of Kathoon), Stone Boy (Dag Wentim, 15, of Zwen), Fire Lad (Staq Mavlen, 13, of Shwar), and Chlorophyll Kid (Ral Benem, 14, of Mardru)—secretly form the Legion of Substitute Heroes. SO v2 #37 <2.89>, Action #862 <4.08>; (orig. Adv. #306 <2.63>). In post-Crisis canon Brek was 12 at this point, but the Action tale revises that to 15.
  Jan Arrah of Trom joins the Legion seeking to help track down and capture the space pirate Kivun Roxxas, who has slaughtered the entire population of Jan’s home planet Trom.
  [18] Element Lad
WWho v2; (orig. Adv. #307 <4.63>).
  Ayla Ranzz, 15, of Winath, Garth’s twin sister, joins disguised as her brother.
  [19] Lightning Lass
WWho v2; (orig. Adv. #308 <5.63>).
  The real Lightning Lad is revived, but only through the noble sacrifice of the life of Cham’s sentient pet, Proty. JSA v4 #6; (orig. Adv. #312 <9.63>). LSH Annual v4 #3 <92> revealed that Proty’s consciousness was actually revived in Garth’s body, but that appears not to have been the case in this hypertimeline.
  The existence of the Substitute Legion is discovered. Stone Boy is offered membership, but elects to stay with his teammates in the Subs. WWho v2; (orig. Adv. #315 <12.63>).
  The Legionnaires discover the Iron Curtain of Time, created by the enigmatic Time Trapper, which prevents them from traveling more than thirty days into their future. (Orig. mentioned in flashback in Adv. #317-18 <2-3.64>; Adv. #318 was the Trapper’s 1st app. in print).
  Ultra Boy goes undercover pretending to be a pirate, and finally begins a romance with Phantom Girl when she is the only teammate who keeps faith in him. (Orig. Adv. #316 <1.64>.)
  Nura Nal of Naltor joins the Legion.
  [20] Dream Girl
Nura alters Ayla’s powers (she is redubbed Light Lass), then resigns to refine her own powers.
(Orig. Adv. #317 <2.64>.)
  Sun Boy nearly destroys his teammates when he falls victim to a mind-altering case of “space fatigue.” WWho v2; (orig. Adv. #318 <3.64>).
  The Legion has its first encounter with the Daxamite Dev-Em, of the Inter-Stellar Counter-Intelligence Corps (and originally of the 20th Century). Adv. Supes #478 <5.91> and WWho v2 provide Dev-Em’s post-Crisis backstory; (orig. Adv. #320 <5.64>, in which Dev-Em was Kryptonian). In the “New Earth” reality, Superman and Mon-El encounter a Dev-Em from Krypton who was sentenced to the Phantom Zone for “murder and perversion” [Action #851 <8.07>; see 2010/Yr22]. Whether he is meant to replace this Dev-em remains to be clarified.
  Bouncing Boy resigns after losing his powers. He is granted honorary status. (Orig. Adv. #321 <6.64>.) This story features the secret of the Concentrator, a weapon that concentrates “all the power in the universe,” not seen again until a panel of Final Crisis #6 <1.09>.
  2995 Legion Year Four ↑ top
  Saturn Girl is re-elected leader. (Orig. Adv. #323 <8.64>, in a story with Jimmy Olsen.)
  The Legion meets the Heroes of Lallor. (Orig. Adv. #324 <9.64>.)
  The Legion first encounters Brin Londo, 14, of Zuun, calling himself Lone Wolf. WWho v2; (Orig. Adv. #327 <12.64>, spelling the planet “Zoon.”) His romance with Ayla apparently begins at this point: “seven years” before their breakup (in 3002), according to WWho.
  Brainiac Five creates the team’s flight rings. (Orig. Adv. #329 <2.65>, in a story featuring Bizarros.) The rings are made of Element 152, which was actually invented by Mon-El in Adv. #305.
  Dynamo-Boy joins the Legion, and, working with an alternate-future Legion of Super-Villains (Cosmic King, Lightning Lord, and Saturn Queen), nearly destroys the team through subterfuge before he is defeated. (Orig. Adv. #330-31 <3-4.65>.)
  Mordru attacks Earth for the first time, and after a furious battle, is defeated when the Legion imprisons him in an airtight cell. (Orig. Adv. #369 <6.68>, described only in flashback.)
  Lightning Lad loses an arm (later regrown) battling the Super Moby-Dick of Space, aka the Dxaundii, a mutated lab creature. Who’s Who in the LSH v2 <6.88>; (orig. Adv. #332 <5.65>).
  Lightning Lad is brainwashed into masquerading as the villainous Starfinger. (Orig. Adv. #335-36 <8-9.65>.) The story also features the first appearance of Rokk Krinn’s younger borther Pol, the future Magnetic Kid.
  2996 Legion Year Five ↑ top
  Brainiac Five is elected leader. Imra serves as his deputy. (Orig. Adv. #337 <10.65>.)
  The Time Trapper sends his servant Glorith to attack the Legionnaires. When she fails, he devolves her. (Orig. Adv. #338 <11.65>.) There is no evidence that Glorith played a more influential role in this Legion’s history, unlike in hypertimeline L1.
  Brainy’s creation Computo goes renegade, and kills one of Luornu’s bodies during its rampage; she renames herself Duo Damsel. (Orig. Adv. #340-41 <1-2.66>). Also the first published mention of the United Planets, and the first 30th-century appearance of the Batcave.
  Star Boy kills an enemy in a confrontation, and is expelled from the team. (Orig. Adv. #342 <3.66>.)
  The tyrannical Nardo imprisons the Legionnaires in his Super-Stalag of Space. (Orig. Adv. #344-45 <5-6.66>.)
  The Legion gets its first new members in over two years:
  [21] Princess Projectra—14, of Orando
  [22] Ferro Lad—Andrew Nolan, 13, of Earth
  [23] Karate Kid—Val Armorr, 15, of Earth
These three, along with Nemesis Kid (Hart Druiter of Myar), join just as Garlak, new Warlord of the Khunds, decides to send another armada against Earth. The timing is no coincidence, since Nemesis Kid is discovered to be a spy for the Khunds, and Garlak is repelled.
(Orig. Adv. #346-47 <7-8.66>). (These issues of Adventure marked the beginning of the “Jim Shooter era” as Legion writer.)
  2997 Legion Year Six ↑ top
  Invisible Kid is elected leader. Valor is deputy. The Legion battles Dr. Zaxton Regulus for the first time. (Orig. Adv. #348 <9.66>.)
  The Legion faces its first attack from Universo (formerly Vidar; see 2992), and is saved with the help of his son, scientist Rond Vidar. WWho v2; (orig. Adv. #349 <10.66>).
  The team has its first encounter with Evillo, during which Buncing Boy, Star Boy, and Dream Girl rejoin. (Orig. Adv. #350-51 <11-12.66>.) Also the first published appearances of R.J. Brande, and of Dream Girl’s younger sister Mysa Nal, aka the White Witch.
  A renegade Controller sends a Sun-Eater toward Earth, and a small contingent of Legionnaires brings together some of the galaxy’s worst criminals (Mano, the Persuader, the Emerald Empress, Tharok, and Validus) as the Fatal Five to help defend against it, but ultimately it is only defeated through Ferro Lad’s sacrifice of his own life. Adv. Supes #477 <4.91>; (orig. Adv. #352-53 <1-2.67>).
  Universo takes over Earth in the guise of Earth President Kandro Boltax, but is unmasked by the Legion. (Orig. Adv. #359-60 <8-9.67>.) First app. of the Legion’s Espionage Squad.
  Rond Vidar becomes Green Lantern of space sector 2814, but keeps it a secret as GLs are banned from U.P. space. LSH v3 #50 <9.88>—a post-1986 source, but reaffirmed as of Legion of Three Worlds #2 <11.08>, showing Rond as a GL.
  The Dominion has a revolution and begins peace talks with the U.P.; the Legion protects a group of their ambassadors from the assassin “Unkillables.” (Orig. Adv. #361 <10.67>.)
  Tasmia Mallor,15, of Talok VIII is inducted in the heat of battle when the Legion has to defend her homeworld from the Fatal Five; the Legion’s HQ is badly damaged by the villain.
  [24] Shadow Lass
SO v2 #8 <11.86>; (orig. Adv. #365-66 <2-3.68>).
  The U.P takes over the team’s funding at this point, and the Legion Academy is established. The team builds a new, larger HQ, while repelling the first attack of the Dark Circle using the Miracle Machine (see 2960). (Orig. Adv. #367 <4.68>.) The Machine is then sealed in Inertron to protect it from future use.
  Mordru (see 2995) gets a rematch with the Legion, and nearly wins, when he escapes from imprisonment. (Orig. Adv. #369-70 <6-7.68>, Mordru’s first actual published appearance).
  2998 Legion Year Seven ↑ top
  Ultra Boy is elected to a half-year leadership term (revised in the wake of an exhausting year). Mon-El is deputy. (Orig. Adv. #371 <8.68>). The half-year leadership terms during this year and the next were not disclosed at the time, but were retconned into effect in later years (in accord with longstanding fan speculation) to account for the Legion’s relatively sparse published activity during this period.
  From the Academy come the next two members, helping the team take on a revived LSV:
  [25] Chemical King—Condo Arlik, 13, of Phlon
  [26] Timber Wolf—Brin Londo, 17, of Zuun
SO v2 #47 <2.90>; (orig. Adv. #372 <9.68>).
  The Legion meets Don and Dawn Allen, the Tornado Twins. (Orig. Adv. #373 <10.68>.) They were originally stated to be “descendants” of Barry Allen, but not revealed as his children until LSH v4 #17 <4.91>. It seems unlikely that these events occurred in anything like their original form in this timeline, as the Twins (conceived in 2957) would be roughly 40 years old at this point. However, this may well be the time period from which this Legion was drawn to the “forgotten” first meeting of the Legions of Three Worlds [see 2980], as described in L3W #3 <4.09>. The roster and uniforms appear to match. That story is also the point, in this reality, at which Thom’s uniform is redesigned to resemble a starfield (actually a “map to the Multiverse,’ according to Brainy.)
  The team has its first encounters with malevolent industrialist Leland McCauley III. (Orig. Adv. #374 <11.68>, #377 <2.69>.)
  The team meets the Wanderers (Celebrand, Dartalg, Elvo, Immorto, Ornitho, Psyche, and Quantum Queen) for the first time. (Orig. Adv. #375 <12.68>.)
  Karate Kid is elected to a fairly uneventful half-year term. Mon-El continues as deputy. SO #47; (orig. Action #382 <11.69>). Note that in 1969 the Legion shifted from a lead feature in Adventure to a back-up feature in Action.
  In saving Mon-El from near death, his descendant Eltro Gand sacrifices his own life. (Orig. Action #384 <1.70.)
  2999 Legion Year Eight ↑ top
  Mon-El is elected to an (again) uneventful half-year term as leader. Element Lad is deputy. Saturn Girl adopts a new costume. (Orig. Action #392 <9.70>.) This was the last issue of the Legion’s run in Action.
  Ultra Boy is elected to a second half-year term, with rotating deputies. (Orig. SB v1 #184 <4.72>.)
  Timber Wolf is lost in action, believed dead. (Orig. SB v1 #197 <9.73> [in flashback].)
  3000 Legion Year Nine ↑ top
  Mon-El is elected to a full-year leadership term, in a return to tradition. Sun Boy is deputy. (Many members of the team first adopt new costumes around this time. The Legion loses several members this year, but also gets its first new ones in two years.) (Orig. SB v1 #190 <9.72>.) Artistically, this was the “Dave Cockrum era” of the Legion, through issue #202.
  Timber Wolf returns. (Orig. SB v1 #197.)
  Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel wed, and resign from membership. (Orig. SB v1 #200 <2-3.74>.) Note that the original story included J’onn J’onzz’s first 30th-century appearance, in a cameo as a wedding guest.
  Drake Burroughs, 17, of Earth, joins.
  [27] Wildfire
(Orig. SB v1 #202 <5-6.74>; 1st app. as “ERG-1” in SB v1 #195 <6.73>.)
  Invisible Kid is killed in battle with Validus. LSH v4 #2; (orig. SB v1 #203 <7-8.74>).
  The team has its second encounter with a Sun-Eater, assisted by a time-hopping Superman (see 2992). Adv. Supes #477 <4.91>, “Time and Time Again.” Placement approximate. Superman has bounced to 1943 in the interim. LSH v4 #105, post-ZH, explains these contacts as machinations of the Time Trapper. Whether this contact was with this version of the Legion or the L1 version is not clear—if it happened at all in current canon, that is; Justice Society v4 #6 states that the last time Superman saw his Legion was right after the original Crisis.
  The Legion has its first encounter with the “present-day” Legion of Super-Villians. WWho v2; (orig. SB v2 #208 <4.75>). There is no connection to the adult version of the LSV [see 2995].
  Matter-Eater Lad resigns from the Legion, having been drafted into politics on Bismoll. (Orig. SB v1 #212 <10.75>.)
  Troy Stewart, 15, of the interdimensional island of Marzal, joins the Legion. He helps defeat a revenge-driven rejected applicant, Absorbancy Boy (Kirt Niedrigh of Earth).
  [28] Tyroc
(Orig. SB v1 #218 <6.76>.)
  3001 Legion Year Ten ↑ top
  Wildfire is elected leader, as the Legion looks for a new direction. Element Lad is deputy. (Orig. SB v1 #225 <3.77>.) This story also features the 1st app. of U.P. Ambassador Relnic.
  Wildfire brings in another new member, from the Academy:
  [29] Dawnstar—15, of Starhaven
(Orig. SB v1 #226 <4.77>.)
  Chemical King dies averting a Dark Circle plot to start World War VII. SO v2 #47; (orig. SB v1 #228 <6.77>).
  The Legion meets the 20th-century Justice League and Justice Society (see 1996/Yr8) in a battle against Mordru. Action #864 <6.08> (reaffirming Justice League of America v1 #147-48 <10-11.77>).
  Prof. Jaxon Rugarth is accidentally transformed into the dangerous, incredibly powerful Infinite Man. (Orig. SB v1 #233 <11.77>.)
  After years of putting it off, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad marry, and resign from membership. (Orig. Limited Collector’s Ed. #C-55 <78>, SB v1 #237 <3.78>.) Their marital status in later years is not in question, although this particular story has never been explicitly reaffirmed. The Collector’s Edition issue also confirms the membership’s order of joining, which was not always self-evident in the Legion’s early years.
  Brainiac Five goes insane, and tries to frame Ultra Boy for the murder of his former girlfriend, Ayn Ryd. (Orig. SB v1 #239 <5.78>. LSH v2 #273 <3.81> later reveals Pulsar Stargrave to have been the real culprit.)
  Garth and Imra aren’t gone long, as they’re drafted into battle (and ultimately rejoin, under a revised Constitution) when the Khunds and the Dark Circle, allied under the influence of Mordru, launch the devastating attack known as the Earthwar. In the aftermath, the U.P. signs a treaty with the Dominion. WWho v2; (orig. SB v1 #241-45 <7-11.78>).
  3002 Legion Year Eleven ↑ top
  Lightning Lad is elected leader. Element Lad continues as deputy. (Orig. SB v1 #247 <1.79>.) The story establishes that the election falls on the anniversary of Kal-El’s joining [see 2993], which thus presumably coincided with the team’s first anniversary.
  Garth’s term gets off to a bad start as the insane Brainy unleashes the mindlessly destructive Omega, created by the Miracle Machine (see 2997). Legion HQ is destroyed. Matter-Eater Lad saves the day when he returns and eats the machine, driving him temporarily insane. Both, however, are eventually cured. (Orig. SB v1 #250-51 <4-5.79>). Brainy is cured in (SB v1 #257 <11.79>); Tenzil in (LSH v2 #296 <2.83>). This story is cast in some doubt in current canon, as the Machine (or a version of it) is revealed still to exist in 3008 in Final Crisis #6 <1.09>.
  Kal-El resigns from the Legion. Saturn Girl leaves him with a post-hypnotic suggestion not to return to the 31st Century. (Orig. LSH v2 #259 <1.80>, the first issue without “Superboy” in the title.) The circumstances of (young) Clark’s departure from the team remain unclear in current canon. Regardless, we should not assume that nine years have necessarily passed for him in his home era as they have for his teammates in the future. There are only four further occasions prior to the original Crisis on which he is known to have interacted with the Legion, apparently as an adult Superman: the JLA/JSA crossover in Legion Yr10 (actually already past by the Legion’s reckoning), the “Great Darkness saga” in Legion Yr12, and two minor visits (LSH v2 #312 <6.84> and LSH v3 #11 <6.85>) in Legion Yr13. Where these last three fit into his 20th-century timeline is not clear.
  Tyroc quits, returning to Marzal before it loses its connection with Earth. (Orig. LSH v2 #265 <7.80>.)
  An attack from the Dark Man (a clone of Tharok) produces another new member when a reluctant villain changes sides:
  [30] Blok—of Dryad
Meanwhile, Gim’s mother Marte Allon is elected President of Earth.
(Orig. LSH v2 #269-72 <11.80-12.81>.)
  Cham learns that Brande is his father. (Orig. Secrets of the LSH #1-3 <1-3.81>.)
  Violet is kidnapped by Imskian radicals, and secretly replaced by Yera, a Durlan. WWho v2; (orig. LSH v2 #285 <3.82>, #304 <11.83>.) This marks the beginning of the “Paul Levitz/Keith Giffen era” of the Legion. It was Levitz (in response to fan efforts) who first formalized the sequence of “leadership years” that provides the structure for this version of the team’s history—as first acknowledged in (LSH Sourcebook Vol. 1 <1986>).
  Lightning Lad suffers a nervous breakdown. Element Lad steps up as leader. (Orig. LSH v2 #287 <5.82>.)
  Projectra becomes Queen of Orando, and she and Karate Kid step down to reserve status. (Orig. LSH v2 #288 <6.82>.)
  Jacques Foccart, 16, of Earth, steps in to save the Legion from a revived Computo, and earns a place on the roster.
  [31] Invisible Kid II
(Orig. LSH Annual v2 #1 <8.82>.)
  3003 Legion Year Twelve ↑ top
  Dream Girl is elected leader (with Jan again as deputy) in the midst of a crisis, as… (Orig. LSH v2 #292 <10.82>.)
  Darkseid enslaves the population of Daxam and launches a plot to take over the galaxy which becomes known as the “Great Darkness.” The Legion only narrowly averts this, with the help of the Subs and several other heroes. Among the helpers is Dream Girl’s sister, Mysa Nal, 24, of Naltor, who is inducted:
  [32] White Witch
LSH v4 #1; (orig. LSH v2 #290-94 <8-12.82>).
  Ayla resigns. (Orig. LSH v2 #295 <1.83>.)
  Colossal Boy marries Yera, thinking (at first) that she is Violet. (Orig. LSH v2 #298 <4.83>.)
  Projectra and Karate Kid also marry, and retire to Orando. (Orig. LSH Annual v2 #2 <9.83>.)
  The real Violet is discovered and rescued. WWho v2; (orig. LSH v2 #304-05 <10-11.83>).
  3004 Legion Year Thirteen ↑ top
  Element Lad is (finally) elected leader in his own right, with Dreamy as deputy. (Orig. LSH v2 #306 <12.83>.)
  Brainy inadvertently destroys the team’s HQ, but quickly builds a new one. (Orig. LSH v2 #311 <5.84>.)
  A new and enlarged Legion of Super-Villains attacks. Karate Kid is slain by Nemesis Kid, who is then killed by Projectra. (Orig. LSH v3 #1-5 <8-12.84>).
  Saturn Girl gives birth to twins, Graym and Garridan, but the latter is secretly kidnapped by Darkseid and transported back in time to become Validus. (Orig. LSH Annual v2 #3 <9.84>).
  Ayla rejoins, once again bearing the powers and name of Lightning Lass. (Orig. LSH v3 #7 <2.85>.)
  Meanwhile, Marte Allon resigns as EarthPres, and is replaced by Mojai Desai, who is secretly under the control of Universo. (Orig. LSH v3 #3 <10.84>, #10 <5.85>.)
  The three founders resign from active duty. (Orig. LSH v3 #12 <7.85>.)
  3005 Legion Year Fourteen ↑ top
  Element Lad is re-elected, facing an active membership of 20, the lowest level in nine years. Brainiac 5 becomes deputy. (Orig. LSH v3 #12.)
  Element Lad launches a major membership drive, resulting in four new members:
  [33] Polar Boy—Brek Bannin, 23, of Tharr
  [34] Magnetic Kid—Pol Krinn, 17, of Braal
  [35] Tellus—Ganglios, 17, of Hykraius
  [36] Quislet—of Teall (other-dimensional)
Projectra also rejoins, in the guise of Sensor Girl.
(Orig. LSH v3 #14 <9.85>.) Brek has recently disbanded the Subs at this point. Pol is Rokk’s younger brother. Dev-Em is also offered membership, but declines.
  The Anti-Matter Crisis strikes across the timestream, wreaking all kinds of havoc, including the destruction of prison planet Takron-Galtos. (Orig. Crisis on Infinite Earths #1-6, 8, 10 <4-9.85, 11.85, 1.86>), and LSH v3 #18 <1.86>.
  The Emerald Empress brings together a new Fatal Five; in the course of battling them, Sensor Girl’s identity is revealed. LSH v3 #24-26 <7-9.86>
  Brainy, Cham, and Ultra Boy travel to 1999/Yr11, where they encounter Booster Gold—and leave behind artifacts that will facilitate his origin in the 25th Century. Booster Gold v1 #8-9 <9-10.86>. In current canon it is not clear whether this happened as originally presented.
  On Zerox, Mordru is drained of his powers. LSH v3 #27 <10.86>. This appears to mark the most significant dividing line between this “unboot” version of the Legion and the post-Crisis version [see Hypertimeline L1]. Most events through the Crisis are the same, but Validus’ restoration [as originally seen in LSH Annual v3 #2 <10.86>] does not happen in this timeline, and he remains an active villain. Star Boy’s resignation in #28 <11.86> likewise appears to be apocryphal here.
  Kirt Niedrigh (the former Absorbancy Boy; see 3000) discovers a crystal relic in the Arctic claiming that Superman was an Earthman, not a Kryptonian. Redubbing himself Earth-Man, Niedrigh publicizes the find and begins a campaign of xenophobia designed to counter the Legion’s message of diversity and tolerance. He soon gathers a “Justice League of Earth,” including fellow rejects Golden Boy (who provides unlimited funding), Storm Boy, and Tusker, and former LSV members Spider-Girl and Radiation Roy. Action #859 <1.08>. Date approximate, but this seems to be the earliest event precipitating everything else that follows in the flashbacks scattered through the “Superman and the Legion” story in Action #858-863. The fraudulent crystal tablet was actually planted by the Time Trapper, as revealed in Action #864 <6.08>.
  Earth-Man captures Sun Boy, and uses him to turn Earth’s sun red—deterring the Legion from seeking Superman’s help. Action #859. Date approximate; described by Dawnstar as “a few years ago” as of 3008, and intended to explain why the team had not contacted Superman in the years since the original Crisis.
  3006 Legion Year Fifteen ↑ top
  Myg of Lythyl joins the Legion.
  [37] Karate Kid II
(The Legion leader of this year remains unknown.)
Legion of Three Worlds #1 <10.08>. Dialogue reference only; the full story remains to be revealed. Myg confirms that he served only “briefly.” (Myg 1st app. in LSH v3 #13 <8.85>.)
  The Legion succeeds in restoring the original Karate Kid (see 3004) to life. Myg resigns soon after. Justice Society of America v4 #6 <7.07>. Dialogue reference; the three founders “risked their lives” to save him. The full story remains to be revealed.
  The Legion restores Luornu’s third body (see 2996) to life. Countdown #20 <12.07>; “Una,” while in 2009/Yr21 from 3007, confirms in dialogue that all three bodies are alive at that time. The details remains to be revealed.
  3007 Legion Year Sixteen ↑ top
  Colossal Boy’s wife Yera joins the Legion.
  [38] Chameleon Girl—Yera Allon of Durla
(The Legion leader of this year remains unknown.)
Action #861 <3.08>. Date approximate. Details unknown.
  Cosmic Boy’s girlfriend Night Girl, formerly of the Subs, joins the Legion.
  [39] Night Girl—Lydda Jath of Kathoon
Action #860 <2.08>. Date approximate; details unknown. JSA v4 #6 confirms that she was the most recent inductee, “last time” before the mission below.
  Brainy sends seven members (Dawnstar, Dream Girl, Karate Kid, Sensor Girl, Star Boy, Timber Wolf, and Wildfire) into the past (see 2009/Yr21) to retrieve the life force of a long-lost hero, with posthypnotic memory blocks to hide their plan from Saturn Girl. The mission succeeds, but Thom remains in the past, as does Val, who is joined by one of Luornu’s bodies. Val and Lu both perish there. JLofA v2 #8-10/JSA v4 #5-6 <6-8.07>, “The Lightning Saga.” Placement derived from the fact that on his arrival in the past, Thom’s age [see 2993] is “like 30,” according to Starman v2 #73 <1.01>. The identity of the recovered hero is revealed to be Bart Allen in L3W #3 <4.09>. Re: Val and Lu’s fate: multiple issues of Countdown, culminating in Countdown #7-5 <3.08>. Shortly after this mission, several members adopt new costumes, as seen in the story below.
  Thom Kallor, having been detoured through the rough future of Earth-22, stays in the past (see 2008/Yr20) to serve as Starman VIII “Danny Blaine.” Starman v2 #50 <2.99>, #73 <01.01> and other sources; originally named in Kingdom Come #2 <8.96>. Among other adventures, Thom goes on (per Brainy’s instructions) to prepare Connor Kent’s body for his later revival, as seen in L3W #4 <6.09>.
  Earth-Man continues kidnapping Legionnaires, increasing the range of powers availalble to absorb. His anti-alien campaign reaches critical mass with the public and the government, and EarthGov starts putting extraterrestrials in internment camps. Several members leave for their homeworlds to quell unrest there. EarthGov disbands the Legion and endorses the new “Justice League,” and begins proceedings to secede from the United Planets. The Legion opposes the new laws and goes underground, setting up a hidden spaceport to help aliens escape Earth. The JLE banishes Mon-El to the Phantom Zone, trades the White Witch to Mordru, and attacks the Substitute Heroes, killing Double-Header. Action #858-860 <12.07-2.08>. The backstory is not provided in order, but this is as close an approximation as it’s possible to determine of the linear sequence of events. It is possible but far from certain that this version of Mon-El is the same one who briefly interacts with the threeboot version of the Legion in 3006 of Htl. L3.
  Brainiac 5 sends a message through time to Superman, before being captured himself. Action #858. Events reach this crisis point “a few weeks” after the mission to the past, above, and “more than six months” before Superman’s arrival, below.
  3008 Legion Year Seventeen ↑ top
  Superman arrives from the past (see 2010/Yr22), to find the Legion fragmented and struggling against overwhelming odds—and himself powerless. With Earth seceding and retreating into violent xenophobia, Colu leads a coalition of U.P. worlds into launching a preemptive attack. Superman helps the Legion and the Subs rally their forces and defeat the JLE, discrediting Earth-Man and restoring his own reputation, and preventing the looming war. (Cosmic Boy serves as the leader of the reconstituted Legion. Brainiac 5 is responsible for a great deal of strategic planning, however, and may be deputy leader, although it’s not stated officially.) Action #858-863 <12.07-5.08>, “Superman and the Legion.” The date is given repeatedly in the story, and other dates in this hypertimeline are backdated from it accordingly. In the final issue Superman makes a dialogue reference to a “Magic War,” but it seems highly unlikely that this Legion experienced that storyline in anything like the way it was originally chronicled [see 2989 in hypertimeline L1].
  The Time Trapper pulls Superboy-Prime into the future and guides him to the Legion of Super-Villains. While the Legion rescues Mon-El from the Phantom Zone (again), R.J. Brande emerges from years of obscurity to try to help the U.P. and EarthGov mend their political differences—only to be assassinated by his old rival Leland McCauley, at the secret behest of the Trapper. When SBP leads a massive break-out from Takron-Galtos, the team summons Superman once again… as well as two other versions of the Legion itself, from alternate realities. They also enlist the help of Sodam Yat (“the last Guardian”), and resurrect Bart (Kid Flash) Allen and Conner (Superboy) Kent. The combined heroes take on the LSV, Universo, Mordru, the Fatal Five, SBP, and ultimately the Trapper. Rond Vidar perishes in the course of these battles, as do many Legionnaires—including this reality’s Karate Kid II, L2’s Kinetix, and L3’s Sun Boy and Element Lad. L3W #1-5 <10.08-8.09>. The story is still ongoing at this writing. The active members of the Legion range in age from about 22 (Dawnstar) to 33 (Colossal Boy) at this point; the founders are about 29-30. Note that the Superman Museum’s account of 20th and 21st century history may not be entirely reliable, as it appears to intermingle various bits of pre-Crisis and post-Crisis history. Chalk it up to the distortions of legend. Note also that Reep, Nura, and Jan remain MIA. Chuck and Lu, Tenzil, Pol, Tellus, Quislet, Sensor Girl, and Tyroc are also not present. Note finally that XS (along with any other L2 Legionnaires who say in this reality) is seven years younger than chronological age would suggest (21 instead of 28, in her case), having transferred from c. 3001 in the L2 reality to 3008 in this one. Likewise any émigrés from the L3 reality would be roughly two years younger than the date indicates (having moved from c. 3006).
  With time and space fracturing due to the events of Darkseid’s “Final Crisis” (see 2010/Yr22), Brainiac 5 resorts to using the Miracle Machine to send Superman back to his home era. Final Crisis #6 <1.09>. It is not explained why Superman has to have the Machine explained to him given his presence (to the best of our knowledge) at its previous appearances [see 2997, 3002], nor why the Machine is dramatically larger than in those appearances… nor, most significantly, how the Machine continues to exist at all given that it was decisively (and wisely) destroyed—in fact, eaten by Matter-Eater Lad—in the last of those appearances.
  Future adventures of the Legion remain to be chronicled.  

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