VIII:  You Say It’s Your Birthday

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(Key: c=chronological, b=biological, e=experiential, *=birthday from 1976 Super DC Calendar)

Table of Birthdates

Character Birthdate Age at… Notes and References
      Jan 1, 2010 / Yr 22 death  
  Dr. Occult Dec 31, 1899 110     Secret Origins v2 #17 <8.87>
  Jim Corrigan
(aka the Spectre)
Jan 3, 1900     39 (1939) Spectre v3 #46 <10.96>; SO v2 #15 <6.87>. Final death in 2003/Yr15.
  Lee Travis
(Crimson Avenger)
Mar 11*, c. 1901     97c; 50e; 40b (1998/yr10) Golden Age Secret Files #1 <2.01>. He fought underage in World War I (1917-18). Note, however, that he experienced 10 years “timeless” in Nanda Parbat, and also skipped from 1948 to 1995/Yr7 with the Seven Soldiers of Victory.
  Jor-El 1905     33 (1938) Starman v2 #51 <3.98>—age 17 in 1922. Although the details of Krypton’s history have changed post-Infinite Crisis, certainly affecting this story, there is no specific reason to doubt this data point about Jor-El.
  Andre Blanc-Dumont 1907     56 (1963) Blackhawk Annual #1 <1989> [text page].
  Janos Prohaska
Oct 31, 1912     ≤96 (2008/yr20) Blackhawk Annual #1 [text page]. Presumed dead as of Birds of Prey #75 <12.04>. Note, however, that he somehow still appeared only middle-aged as of 1992/Yr4.
  Rex Tyler
Nov 5*, 1912 97c (89e, 60b)   90c (2002/yr14) All-Star Comics v2 #1 <5.99> showed him at approximately age 6 in 1919. Note that his aging was slowed by Ian Karkull [see 1941] to about one-half normal, and that he also spent over two years in limbo [see 1999/Yr11, 2001/Yr13], thus slicing about 31 years off his biological age before his death in 2002/Yr14. . He was then rescued from his death in 2008/Yr20, and resumed aging.
  Dr. Charles McNider
(Dr. Mid-Nite)
May 18*, ≤1913     ≥89c (2002/yr14) He was already a practicing physician (i.e., ≥28) at his costumed debut in 1941 [SO v2 #20 <11.87>]. As with Hourman and the other JSAers, note that his aging was slowed, and he spent time in limbo.
  Olaf Friedriksen 1914     61 (1975) Blackhawk Annual #1 [text page].
  Wesley Dodds
Nov 3*, ≤1915     ≥88c (2004/yr16) He had finished his education overseas by 1937 [Sandman Mystery Theatre #1-4 <4-7.93> etc.] JSA note: slowed aging, time in limbo.
  Johnny Thunder July 7, 1917     88c (2006/yr18) SO v2 #13 <4.87>. JSA note: slowed aging, time in limbo.
  Sgt. Frank Rock ≤1918     ≥27 (1945) His father John died in combat in WWI, per Sgt. Rock #419 <12-1.88> (confirming Our Army At War #275 <12.74>).
  Jay Garrick
April 3*, 1918 91c (≤77e, ≤58b)     Flash SF #1 <11.97>, Flash v2 #134 <2.98>, etc. He was a college junior when he got his powers in late 1938. JSA note: reduced aging, time in limbo. In addition, he was “frozen” in Keystone City for ≥12 years [see 1979, 1991/Yr3].
  Other members of the JSA and the All-Star Squadron c. 1914-1924 ~85-95c (~53-66b)     Safe range based on their apparent ages at their debuts. Absent other evidence, assume an average of 1919. Other known birthdays*, from the 1976 Super DC Calendar: Sandra Knight (Phantom Lady), Jan 7. Pat Dugan (Stripesy), Mar 5. Happy Terrill (The Ray), Mar 28. Darrel Dane (Dollman), Apr 4. Sargon, Apr 9. Carter Hall (Hawkman), June 1. Ted Grant (Wildcat), Sep 12. Sandy Hawkins, Sep 26. Alan Scott (Green Lantern), Oct 2. Terry Sloane (Mr. Terrific), Oct 20. Richard Grey (Black Condor), Nov 15. Ted Knight (Starman), Dec 18.
  Giovanni (John) Zatara Mar 10, 1919     80 (1999/yr11) SO v2 #27 <6.88>
  Chuck Sirianni 1919     ≤89 (2008/yr20) Blackhawk Annual #1 [text page]. Presumed dead as of BoP #75.
  Natalie Reed
(Lady Blackhawk II)
Jul 4, 1920     ≤89 (2008/yr20) Blackhawk Annual #1 [text page]. Presumed dead as of BoP #75.
  Al Pratt
Jan 27*, 1921     81c (2002/yr14) A college student in 1939-’40 [SO v2 #25 <4.88>, and still in 1943 [A-SC 80-Pg Giant #1 <9.99>]. JSA note: reduced aging, time in limbo.
  Neptune Perkins 1922 87c     Young All-Stars #16 <9.88> sets him at 20 on May 31, 1942. His aging appears to be reduced somewhat.
  Miya Shimada
1923 86     YA-S #16: 19 in May 1942.
  Flying Fox 1923 86     YA-S #16: 19 in May 1942.
  Grover Baines 1923     ≤85 (2008/yr20) Blackhawk Annual #1 [text page]. Presumed dead as of BoP #75.
  Arn “Iron” Munro 1924 85c     YA-S #16: 18 in May 1942. His aging appears to be reduced.
  Helena Kosmatos
c. May, 1925 84 (17b)     YA-S #16: 17 in May 1942; and per SO v2 #12 <3.87> she was only 15 in Apr ’41 when Greece was invaded. Her aging appears to be nonexistent.
  Sanderson Hawkins
(Sandy; Sand)
1926 34 (83c)     Birth year from JSA v3 #69 <3.05>. Note, however, that he was in suspended animation from 1947 to 1996/Yr8, per JSA Secret Files #1 (and JLofA v1 #113 <9-10.74>).
  Travis Morgan (Warlord) 1926 83c     43 as of his discovery of Skartaris in 1969, per (Warlord v1 #6 <4-5.77>). Note, however, that time flows differently in Skartaris, leaving him apparently decades younger.
  Jonathan Kent Sep 1*, ≤1926 ≥83c     Jonathan is a veteran of both WW II [World of Smallville #1 <4.88>] and Korea [Adv. Supes #500 <5.93> ], and this has not been superseded. Note, however, that some current depictions show both him and Martha seemingly about 20 years younger. It is certainly possible that their aging has been diminished in some unchronicled manner, including (speculatively) possible wide-ranging fallout from the Ian Karkull incident in 1941.
  Martha Kent Nov 7*, ≤1926 ≥83c     A contemporary of Jonathan.
  Weng Chan
1927?     81 (2008/yr20) Blackhawk Annual #1 [text page] [but see 1927]. Funeral shown in BoP #75 (although he is mis-named Wu Cheng, a pre-Crisis name), which also establishes that with his passing, Zinda Blake (Lady Blackhawk) is the last (known) surviving Blackhawk.
  Danny Leong
1927     17 (1944) Vigilante: City Lights, Prairie Justice #1 <11.95>
  Danny Dunbar
1928 81     YA-S #16: 14 in May 1942.
  Kent Nelson Jan 17, 1928     72; 22b (2000/yr12) SO v2 #24 <3.88>—but note that as of 1940 his aging was accelerated about 10 years, then stopped in place.
  Sylvester Pemberton
(Star-Spangled Kid)
Oct, 1929?     24; 70c (2000/yr12) Date from Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. #9 <4.00> [although Infinity, Inc. v1 #50 <5.88> implies 1927, perhaps more plausible]. Note, however, that he “skipped” from 1948 to 1995/Yr7—hence his biological age at death.
  Dinah Drake
(Black Canary)
April 10*, ≤1930     ≥70 (2001/yr13) SO v2 #50 <8.90>; still a teenager at her costumed debut in 1947. Although always very well-preserved, she is not actually known to have enjoyed reduced aging.
  Thomas Wayne c. 1930     ~41 (1971) Multiple sources. See notes at 1929, 1952.
  Adam Blake (Captain Comet) 1931 78c     SO Annual #1 <87>, DC Universe Encyclopedia <2004>; see 1951. As a mutant, however, he appears to enjoy somewhat reduced aging (appearing hardly more than 50 by 2008/Yr20, at which point he was rejuvenated even more).
  Molly Mayne Scott
c. 1932 ~77     “A teenager” when she met Green Lantern in 1947, per SO v2 #22 <1.88>; yet supposedly only 65 in Underworld Unleashed: Hell’s Sentinel #1 <12.95> [=2002/Yr14]. The latter reference was possible to reconcile at the time, but is no longer.
  John Jones ≤1933   ≥76
≥23 (1956) The “original” of J’onn J’onzz’ secret identity; a police detective in Martian Manhunter v2 #0 <11.98> [see 1955]. It is possible that J’onn later pretended to be the original’s son rather than age his alter ego. (J’onn himself was born on Mars ≤1700, but skipped an indeterminate period between 1710-1955; regardless, he’s apparently near-immortal anyway.)
  Cave Carson ≤1935 ≥74     SO v2 #43 <8.89>: active adult in 1957.
  The Challengers of the Unknown ≤1935 ≥74c     SO v2 #12 <3.87>, Advs. of Superman #508 <1.94>: active adults in 1958. Their aging has apparently somehow been rolled back to their biological prime as of Brave & Bold v4 #6 <10.07>, however.
  T.O. Morrow 1935 74     DC 2000 #1 <9.00> establishes him as five years old in 1940.
  Slade Wilson
≤1938 ≥71c     He enlisted in the Army underage [Who’s Who v1 #23 <1.87>], and was a sergeant in the 1956 Suez War, where he met Wintergreen, per (New Teen Titans v1 #44 <7.84>). His aging is somewhat slowed (and was even drastically reduced once [Deathstroke #55-60 <1-6.96>], but he seems to have reverted to his middle-aged norm).
  Adrian Chase
(Vigilante II)
≤1938     ≥62
He competed in the 1960 Olympics after college (Vigilante v1 #7? <6.84>).
  Alfred Pennyworth ≤1939   ≥70   Per Gotham Knights #60 <2.05>, Alfred was a British Army officer at 21 [“trained as a field surgeon with the Scots Guards,” per Batman #675 <5.08>], and in MI-5 “ten years later”; and he’s known to have done some acting on the English stage along the way as well, per (e.g.) the latter source. Per the DC Encyclopedia and various stories, however, we also know he was already in service to the Waynes for some time prior to their shootings [i.e, ≤1970]. This provides an approximate age limit.
  Nathaniel Adam
(Captain Atom)
May 3, 1940   38 (69b)   Captain Atom v3 #1 <3.87> [provides birthdate]. He “jumped” from 1968 to 1999/Yr11, explaining the divergence at left. His birthdate can remain static, even if his date of return is forced to “slide” forward. (Other minor time-jumps he has made are disregarded in this calculation.)
  Perry White Mar 12*, ≤1944   65   He is no longer a contemporary of Luthor (as was the previously the case per The Unauthorized Biography of Lex Luthor <89> and other sources). However, we still know that he was a working reporter during the civil rights movement [see 1965]. He has not been rejuvenated.
  Martin Stein ≤1946   ≥63   He was an undergraduate at Stanford in the early ’60s (i.e., ≤1964), per (Firestorm v1 #39 <9.85>).
  Steve Trevor ≤1948 ≥61     He must have been born before his mother was lost on Themyscira [Wonder Woman v2 #12 <1.88>; see 1948].
  James Gordon Jan 5*, c. 1948   ~61   Conjecture: based on his 70th birthday in Dark Knight #1 <4.86> [see 2018]—making him ~15 years older than Bruce, which does match his apparent age (~40) in “Year One” [Batman #404-407 <2-5.87>].
  Dr. Leslie Thompkins early 1948   61   She graduated medical school at only 23, “a few months” before the Wayne shootings [see 1971], per No Man’s Land SF #1 <12.99>; also see Gotham Knights #7 <9.00>. (1st app. Detective #457 <3.76>, in which she appeared older).
  Alec Holland
(Swamp Thing)
1951     31 (1982) Swamp Thing v2 #147 <10.94> [see 1951].
  Christopher Smith
May 28, 1951 58     Peacemaker mini-series #1-4 <1-4.88>
  John Constantine May 10, 1953 56     Hellblazer #10 <10.88>, #63 <3.93>; Hellbalzer SF #1 <8.00>.
  Slam Bradley II 1955   54   The Slam Bradley appearing in the recent run of Catwoman is clearly not the same character as the original Slam who first appeared in 1937. In the Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score GN <2002>, set c. 2005/Yr17, he thinks “I’m fifty years old,” placing his birthday here. He is thus presumably the son of the original, and the same character who first appeared (in Metropolis) in Superman v2 #33 <6.90> and Adv. Supes #483 <10.91>.
  Oliver Queen
(Green Arrow)
Early 1957   44b (50e, 52c) 46 (2003/yr15) Ollie turned 43 in GA: Long-Bow Hunters #1 <8.87> [see 2000/Yr12]. However, his recent resurrection re-created his body c. 1995/Yr7, explaining the younger physical age. His full memories (through his death in 2003/Yr15) were later restored in 2005/Yr17.
  Abigail Arcane Cable 1960 49     Swamp Thing SF #1 <11.00>
  Hal Jordan
(Green Lantern)
Feb 20*, ≤1961   ≥43be (48c) ≥42 (2003/yr15) Per USAF regulations, Hal would have been at least 27 by the time he was an Air Force test pilot [GL v3 #104 <9.98>; see 1983, 1988]. His body was resurrected in 2008/Yr20 after about five years of non-aging.
  Dr. Thomas Elliot
c. 1961   48   Ten when Bruce Wayne was eight, according to ’Tec #847 <10.08>.
  Jefferson Pierce
(Black Lightning)
c. 1961   48   He has ten years of teaching (and marriage) under his belt at his costumed debut in 1994/Yr6.
  Dr. Pieter Cross
(Dr. Mid-Nite III)
April 5, 1962   47   Dr. Mid-Nite #1 <3.99> gives the date. It may be subject to timeline sliding, but as yet there is no reason to require it.
  Lex Luthor Sep 28*, c. 1962   ~47 (~27b)   Lex’s origin has been much revised on “New Earth,” and his age dramatically reduced. However, we know very few details beyond what was revealed in the capsule origin in Countdown #34 <12.07>. Still, he must be young enough to have attended Smallville High alongside Clark Kent c. 1979, but old enough to plausibly be the father of an adult son c. 2001/Yr13. That provides a fairly narrow window. (In post-Crisis canon, he was 21 when he invented the first LexWing “34 years ago”—as of Superman Villains SF #1 <6.98> [=2003/Yr15], i.e., 55—a rough match for The Unauthorized Biography, which suggested he was 54 as of its publication [=2001/Yr13].) Note also that Lex was cloned in 2001/Yr13, and has since occupied that rejuvenated body.
  Pamela Isley
(Poison Ivy)
March 14?, ≤1963   ≥46ce (26b?)   She was a student at U Met under Jason Woodrue while Alec Holland was still alive [Black Orchid mini-series #1 <Hol.88>; see 1982], before she gained her plant powers [Shadow of the Bat Annual #3 <95>; see 1989/Yr1]. Note, however, that she nas not necessarily aged since that point. Birthday from (Batman Family #17 <5.78>).
  Bruce Wayne
Feb 19*, 1963   46ce 47 (2010/Yr22) Bruce was 25 when he returned to Gotham in January of “Year One” [Batman #404 <2.87>; see 1989/Yr1]. Note, however, that he was regenerated by a Lazarus Pit c. 1999/Yr11 (when he was 36), mystically healed of all injuries in 2002/Yr14 (“KnightsEnd”), and restored by the “Fountain of Life” in 2009/Yr21, so his biological fitness belies his calendar age. The precise birthday is based on pre-Crisis sources; see 1963.
  Rick Flag, Jr.
(aka Anthony Miller)
c.1964 ~45     His history has been revised on New Earth. (Post-Crisis, he was born c. 1951, per SO v2 #14 <5.87>. However, this is no longer so.) He must be young enough to plausibly be the grandson of a WWII veteran, but old enough to be a USAF Lieutenant leading a special ops squadron before the beginning of the Modern Age [see 1986]. Hence, this estimate.
  Barry Allen
(Flash II)
May 13*, 1964   35be (45c) 35 (1999/yr11) He was 24 when he gained his powers [in April of 1989/Yr1], per SO Annual #2 <88>.
  Malcolm Thawne
(Cobalt Blue)
May 13*, 1964     39 (2003/yr15; actually 30th C.) Barry Allen’s secret evil twin, per Flash v2 #144 <1.99>. Fan speculation suggests he may also have been Ross Malverk, the Barry double who tried to kill Fiona Webb (from Flash v1 #290-291 <10-11.80>).
  Ray Palmer
(Atom II)
Jul 9*, ≤1964   ≥45   Conjecture: he was a graduate student when he gained his powers [SO v2 #29 <8.88>; see 1990/Yr2], and finished his doctorate soon thereafter. We know that a physics graduate program typically takes at least 4-5 years to complete, and also that his fiancée Jean Loring, a year or two younger than him, was just establishing herself as a lawyer (law school being a three year program). Hence it’s safe to estimate that Ray was at least 26 when he discovered that meteorite (and Jean, 25). He was briefly de-aged to 17 after Zero Hour, but later returned to his proper age.
  Clark Kent
Dec, 1964   45   Per Superman:Man of Steel Annual #4 <95>, his rocket landed 25 years before December of his first full year as Superman [see 1989/Yr1]. Note that he may be effectively immune to biological aging, as seen, e.g., in DC One Million <11.98>.
  Pete Ross c. 1965   44   A school contemporary of Clark Kent.
  Lana Lang c. 1965   44   A school contemporary of Clark Kent.
  Guy Gardner
1965   44   Per Showcase ’96 #1 <1.96>, he played college football with John Henry Irons [see 1986].
  Jonathan Crane
1966   43   Batman Annual #19 <95> firmy establishes that Crane was only 23 at his costumed debut in 1989/Yr1, having taught college for just one year.
  Lois Lane Aug 17*, 1966   43   Per World of Metropolis #1-3 <8-10.88>: Lois was five when she first visited the Daily Planet, 15 when she got her first job there, and 20 when Clark Kent started college [see 1971, 1981, 1986].
  Zatanna Zatara Mar 13, ≤1967   ≥42   SO v2 #27 <6.88>, recapping earlier stories (notably DC Blue Ribbon Digest #5 <11-12.80>), provides the birthday and establishes she was 18 when her father disappeared (orig. JLofA v1 #51 <2.67>)); see 1985. ’Tec #833 <8.07> also establishes her approximate age relative to Bruce Wayne; see 1972.
  John Henry Irons
1968   41   Per Sh96 #1, he played college football with Guy Gardner [see 1986].
  Ted Kord
(Blue Beetle II)
c. 1968     ~40 (2008/yr20) Based on the fact that he attended his 15-year high school reunion in 2001/Yr13 [JL Quarterly #7 <Sum.92>]—which corresponds well with periods when he is known to be in college [see 1988, etc.].
  Buddy Baker
(Animal Man)
c. 1968   ~41   19 at his origin [Animal Man # 10-11 <4-5.89>; see 1987].
  Orin/Arthur Curry
Jan 29*, c. 1969   ~40   Approximate: based on Aquaman: Time & Tide #1-3 <12.93-2.94>, Aquaman SF #1 <12.98>, and other sources; see 1986.
  Diana of Themyscira
(Wonder Woman)
Mar 22*, c. 1969   ~40   Age 21 at her debut in Patriarch’s World [Wonder Woman v2 #1 <2.87]—which has now, however, been relocated to no later than 1990/Yr2 in New Earth history. Note, however, that like all the Amazons she appears to be effectively immortal.
  Terry Long c. 1969     ~34 (2003/yr15) Ten years older than his wife Donna Troy, per Marv Wolfman interview in (Comics Journal #80 <1983>).
  Selina Kyle
Nov, 1969   40   Age 19 at her costumed debut, per Catwoman Annual #2 <95> [see 1989/Yr1]. Birth month based on the fact that she celebrates a birthday in Catwoman v2 #37 <1.05>, when the events of “WarGames” [see 2007/Yr18] are “last month.” (Pre-Crisis, her birthday was March 14.)
  Ralph Dibny
(Elongated Man)
Mar 21*, 1970     38 (2009/yr21) Celebrated his 30th birthday in SO v2 #30 <9.88> [=2000/Yr12].
  Talia Head c. May, 1970 39ce     According to the Birth of the Demon GN <92>, she was conceived at Woodstock (i.e., August 1969). Note that she has been subjected to a Lazarus Pit on multiple occasions.
  Dinah Lance
(Black Canary II)
Mid-summer?, 1970   39ce   Age 19 when she debuted, per S:MOS Annual #4 [see 1989/Yr1]. Note, however, that she was physically rejuvenated by a Lazarus Pit in 2005/Yr17, making her (like Batman) more youthful than the calendar indicates by some unspecified degree.
  David Knight
(Starman VI)
Late 1971     31 (2002/yr14) Starman Annual #2 <97>, which also establishes he was younger than Dinah Lance.
  Cameron Chase 1972   37   Chase #6 <7.98>. She was age five when Dr. Trap killed her father [see 1977].
  Kate Spencer
(Manhunter VI)
1972   37   Manhunter v3 #20 <5.06> establishes that she and Cameron Chase were classmates and friends as far back as “junior high” (and hence, about the same age). The “Cam was obsessed with Ewoks” remark fits the period, too, as Ewoks debuted in 1983.
  Daniel Patrick Cassidy
(Blue Devil)
1972   37   Turned 27 in Blue Devil #31 <12.86> [=1999/Yr11]. Note that he’s since died and been revived, however.
  Lucas “Snapper” Carr Jan 10*, 1973   36   Pre-Crisis, he graduated from high school in (Atom #4 <12-1.63>), which translates into 1991/Yr3—meaning (if still valid) he was 17 when the JLA formed [see 1990/Yr2].
  Kobra May 25, 1973     31 (2004/yr16) Birthdate and age (23) at 1st app. from (Kobra #1 <2-3.76>) [=1996/Yr8]; date revised to keep age constant. This may no longer be accurate, though, given his retconned appearances as far back as 1990/Yr2. His cult survives him, of course.
  Jason Burr May 25, 1973   36 23 (1996/yr8) Kobra’s twin brother. Seemingly killed in (DC Special Series #1 <77>), but seen alive in JLA: Foreign Bodies <99>. Details remain TBD.
  Sasha Bordeaux Oct 14, 1973 36     Batman #605 <9.02>. The date may be subject to timeline sliding, but as yet there is no reason to assume so.
  John Stewart
(Green Lantern)
Oct 17*, ≤1973   ≥36   An architect and, thus, at least out of college when he got his power ring [SO v2 #7 <10.86>]; see 1995/Yr7.
  Lucy Lane July 25*, ≤1974   ≥35   At least old enough to have been a working flight attendant as of a year before 1993/Yr5, per MoS #5 <12.86>. (Speculative: possibly only six years younger than Lois (=born 1972), per Superman SF #2 <5.99>, but that timeline is very flawed.)
  Holly Robinson (Catwoman II) 1974   35   She is four years younger than Selina Kyle, per Catwoman SF #1 <11.02>. See 1987.
  Rose Forrest
(Thorn II)
1974   35   Who’s Who v2 <8.90-2.92> states she was 20 at her debut [see 1994/Yr6]. To the best of my knowledge her recent mini-series [Rose & Thorn #1-6 <2-7.04>], although it revised her origin, did not necessarily change this detail.
  Will Payton
(Starman V)
1975   34   Age 25 when he debuted as Starman, per Starman v1 #1 <10.88> et seq.; [see 2000/Yr12].
  Jack Knight
(Starman VII)
1975   34   Timeline compression initially played havoc with James Robinson’s intentions for the Knights (originally David and Jack were 29 and 27 as of Zero Hour), but Starman SF #1 <4.98> clarified that Jack is four years younger than David.
  Rick Tyler 1975   34   Hourman #24 <3.01> shows Rick as an infant (originally in 1969, but subjected to timeline sliding). Note that Rick is the oldest of the Infinitors (others are below)—a circumstance which definitely strains credulity, since their parents are Golden Age characters mostly born around 1920.
  Barbara Gordon
(Batgirl; Oracle)
Sep 23*, 1976   33   13 when she moved in with the Gordons, barely 16 when she entered college and became Batgirl, 20 when she finished her Masters’ and entered Congress, all per SO v2 #20 <4.87> [see 1990/Yr2, 1992/Yr4, 1996/Yr8 respectively].
  Roy Harper
(Speedy; Arsenal)
Nov 1*, 1977   32   Age 13 when he became Speedy, per Arsenal #2-3 <11-12.98> [see 1991/Yr3]. (Birthday confirmed by a list in the lettercol in New Titans #27 <1.87>—although the dates for Dick and Wally have since been changed.)
  Hector Hall
(Silver Scarab;
Dr. Fate IV)
Nov 14, 1977     22 (2000/yr12); then again at 26 (31c) (2008/yr20) Infinity, Inc. v1 #9 <12.84> [text page] gave 11/14/63; this has been adjusted relative to that issue’s place on the current timeline [1998/Yr10] to keep his age constant at his debut. Hector was reborn in 2004/Yr16, and quickly advanced to (presumably) the same age he had been at his first death.
  Helena Bertinelli
Jan, 1978   31   Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood #1-3 <6-8.00>, Huntress:Y1 #3-6 <8-9.08>; see her debut in 1999/Yr11 for details.
(Aqualad; Tempest)
Mar 6*, 1978   34 (31c)   Age 13 when he became Aqualad, per Tempest #1 <11.96> [see 1991/Yr3]. (Birthday confirmed by a list in the lettercol in New Titans #27—although the dates for Dick and Wally have since been changed.) Older than the calendar suggests, however, because he spent approx. three years with Atlan in another dimension: ShC ’96 #1 <1.96>, Aquaman v5 #20 <5.96>.
  Lyta Hall
(Fury II)
1978     30 (2008/yr20) A college classmate of Hector Hall long before they married. Apparently died, with him, in JSA v3 #80 <2.06>.
  Gemma Masters 1978 31     Hellblazer SF #1 [confirms age]; John Constantine’s niece (by his elder sister Cheryl) 1st app. in Hellblazer #4 <4.88>, and has aged in approximately real time since.
  Charley Parker/
Ch’al Andar
(Golden Eagle)
c. 1978   ~31   According to his account in Hawkman v3 #43 <10.05>, Charley turned 18 “four years” after Carter Hall took over the Midway City museum [see 1992/Yr4], a few months before his first appearance with Titans West [see 1996/Yr8]. Thus his abandonment by his real father Fel Andar [see 2000/Yr12] at age four, per Hawkman v3 #45 <12.05>, must fall c. 1982. (The JSA-in-limbo panel atop page 7 in that issue seems to scramble the chronology, but read it at the bottom of the page and everything works.) This much seems reliable… although as writer Justin Gray has noted, “Golden Eagle lies a lot.”
  Al Rothstein
(Nuklon; Atom Smasher)
Oct 12, 1978   31   Birthday from IInc. v1 #22 <1.86>; year approximated from his age at debut, slightly younger than Lyta.
  Kyle Rayner
(Green Lantern)
Late 1978   31   24 when he gets his ring in mid-2003/Yr15 [GL Secret Files #1 <7.98>]; attends his 10-year high school reunion (hence 28) in late 2006/Yr18 [GL v3 #153 <9.02>].
  Donna Troy
(Wonder Girl; Troia)
Apr 26*, 1979   30   Age 13 at her debut as Wonder Girl [WWSF #2 <7.99>; see 1992/Yr4]. (Birthday confirmed by a list in the lettercol in New Titans #27.) Her reflection that she is “not even twenty-five” in 2008/Yr20 [Return of Donna Troy #4 <10.05>] is problematic, as it can’t possibly be accurate… but after all, she was just regaining and processing a whole lifetime’s worth of memories in that story, which could cause some confusion.
  Dick Grayson
(Robin; Nightwing)
Aug?, 1979   30   New Titans #18 <3.86>, SO v2 #13 <4.87> (placing his 20th birthday during the Crisis year, 1999/Yr11), SO Annual #3 <89>, and numerous other sources [see 1990/Yr2]. Robin Annual #4 <95> retcons his birthday from the pre-Crisis Nov 11 to the first day of spring, but Nightwing #134 <9.07> returns it to summer, which fits better anyway with the Crisis aftermath just mentioned. Note also that Dick entered middle school the autumn after donning his costume (implying 7th grade, age ~12) in Robin: Year 1 #1 <1.01> [see 1991/Yr3].
  Wally West
(Kid Flash;
Flash III)
Nov?, 1979   30   Ten when he gained his powers [SO Annual #2 <88>]; turned 20 just after “Legends” [Flash v2 #1 <6.87>; we must disregard the “March” reference therein]; turned 21 during the Invasion [Flash v2 #21 <Hol.88>, the most unequivocal anchor]; was 23 just after “Zero Hour” [Flash v2 #0 <10.94>]. See 1990/Yr2, 99/Yr11, 2000/Yr12, ’02/Yr14 respectively.
  Donald Hall
c. 1979     ~20 (1999/yr11) Approximate. Assumes they were roughly the same age as the other original Titans, finishing high school in 1997/Yr9.
  Hank Hall
(Hawk; Monarch II; Extant)
c. 1979     ~24 (2004/yr16) Approximate. Assumes they were roughly the same age as the other original Titans, finishing high school in 1997/Yr9.
  Raven 1979   ~21b (30ce)   Raven had just turned 18 when she founded the New Titans in late 1997/Yr9 (Tales of NTT mini-series #2 <7.82>); her soul was recently re-housed in a teenage body, however [TT v3 #8 <4.04>], “barely older” than Cassie Sandsmark [below].
  Jennie-Lynn Hayden
July 20, 1980     28 (2008/yr 20) (IInc. v1 #5-6 <8-9.84> [text pages]) gave 7/20/66; this has been adjusted relative to those issues’ setting on the current timeline [1998/Yr10] to keep the twins 18 at the team’s founding.
  Todd Rice
July 20, 1980   29   (IInc. v1 #5-6 <8-9.84> [text pages]) gave 7/20/66; this has been adjusted relative to those issues’ setting on the current timeline [1998/Yr10] to keep the twins 18 at the team’s founding.
  Vic Stone
1980   29   He is 19 during the Crisis, per New Titans #14 <11.85>. (Orig. 19th birthday in NTT #20 < 6.82>.)
  Other original Titans and Infinitors c. 1977-1980   ~29-32   Safe range based on characters’ apparent ages at their debuts. (The generation gap between the Infinitors and their Golden Age parents has, clearly, become an increasingly unwieldy issue as DC allows them to “slide forward.”)
  Shilo Norman
(Mr. Miracle III)
c. 1980?   ~29?   Stated to be 23 in Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #1 <11.05>, set in 2008/Yr20. However, this seems questionable given his history [(1st app. Mr. Miracle v1 #15 <8-9.73>); post-Crisis, MrM v2 #21 <11.90>], reaching arguably as far back as 1995/Yr7. SS author Grant Morrison apparently first intended to write him as 28, which seems more plausible. In this particular case, I have opted for the older age.
  Jimmy Olsen Dec 9*, 1980   29   Said to be “almost 20” in both Superman v2 #16 and #20 <4 & 6.88> [=late 2000/Yr12]. His recent statement that he is “twenty-two” in Action #865 <7.08> cannot be accurate, given how early he joined Superman’s supporting cast [see 1991/Yr3].
  Ron Raymond
1981     27 (2008/yr20) Ron graduated from high school just before the Crisis hit [Firestorm v2 #40 <10.85>]; i.e., 1999/Yr11.
  Joseph Wilson
1981   28e 20 (2001/yr13) 18 at his debut in 1999/Yr11 (NTT #44 <7.84>). His body is dead, but at present his consciousness survives.

Alix Harrower

c. 1981   ~28   Age 27 at her debut in Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #1 <1.06>, set in 2008/Yr20.
  Tim Hunter Jun, 1981 28 (26c)     Month from Books of Magic v2 #2 <6.94>; age from Age of Magic #7 <3.02>; see 2001/Yr13. He is two years younger than his calendar age due to time spent in other dimensions.
  Violet Harper
July 10?, 1982   27   She celebrated her 17th birthday (originally stated to be “1969”) in SO v2 #6 <9.86>/Outsiders v1 #14 <12.86>, now set in 1999/Yr11. (The birth month may no longer be viable, however, given that the story falls post-Crisis but pre-Millennium.)
  Jerry White Late 1982     18 (2001/yr13) Timing of his birth, a few months after World of Metropolis #2 <9.88> [see 1981], is essential to that book’s plot. He was described as 16 (but should have been 17?) when he first appeared in late 1999/Yr11 [Adv. Supes #428 <5.87>]. Although he has not been mentioned recently, there is no support for some reader speculation that his existence has been retconned away.
  Gar Logan
(Changeling; Beast Boy)
Oct, 1982   27   Age eight when the two Flashes first met [SO v2 #50; see 1991/Yr3], 10 when he joined the Doom Patrol [see 1992/Yr4], 15 when he joined the New Titans [New Titans #14; late 1997/Yr9] and 16 (“three months” from 17, providing the birth month) during the original Crisis [ibid; 1999/Yr11]. It’s been suggested he was only 19 during the current (Geoff Johns) run of Teen Titans v3, but that’s clearly impossible.
  Tara Markov (Terra) Late 1982     16 (1999/yr11) She turned 16 in late 1998/Yr10 (NTT #34 <8.83>).
  Terra II Late 1982     26 (2009/yr21) Assumes she’s the same age as the original Terra, not unreasonable given the inconclusive information about her origin.
  Ray Terrill
(Ray II)
1983   26   Stated to be 19 in Ray v2 #2 <6.94> [=2002/Yr14].
  Cyndy Reynolds (Gypsy) Mid-1984   ~25   Age 14 when she first joined the JLA (JLofA v1 #234 <1.85>), in early 1999/Yr11; said to be 19 during her JL Task Force tenure [JLTF #4? <9.93>], in mid-2002/Yr14. Timeline sliding has rendered these two references incompatible, however. I’ve opted to stick with the slightly younger option.
  Vanessa Kapatelis
(Silver Swan II)
1984?   ≥25?   Originally, she “only just turned 13” shortly after Diana’s debut, per WW v2 #8 <9.87>. However, that story was originally set c. late 1999/Yr11; in “New Earth” canon it can now be no later than 1990/Yr2. How this squares with Vanessa’s later status as a college student during Diana’s time in Gateway City [see 2003/Yr15], per WW v2 #176 <1.02>, and her motivation for becoming Silver Swan (feelings of abandonment), is unclear, until some recounting of Diana’s “New Earth” origin is provided. It’s possible she was now younger at Diana’s debut, or older when she acquired her powers. This date is thus only a rough estimate, keeping her on the young side.
  Connor Hawke
(Green Arrow II)
c. Jan?, 1985   ~24   About 18 as of his costumed debut in Green Arrow v2 #91 <11.94> [=2003/Yr15], based on the fact that he hasn’t seen his mother much in “the past five years” [GA v2 #104 <1.96>] after entering the monastery at 13. See more details at 1985.
  Amy Winston (Amethyst) 1985   24   She turned 13 in her first appearance (Legion of Super-Heroes v2 #298 <4.83>/Amethyst v1 #1 <5.83>), c. 1998/Yr10. Note, however, that she’s older in Gemworld.
  Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl II) 1985   24   Thirteen when she and her mother are attacked [Hawkman v4 #9 <1.03>, #13 <5.03>; see 1998/Yr10]; 17 when her parents die and she attempts suicide [notwithstanding the erroneous “1992” telegram in Hawkman v4 #1 <5.02>]; 19 when she joins the JSA in 2004/Yr16; 20 in early 2006/Yr18 [Hawkman v4 #5 <9.02>].
  Anissa Pierce (Thunder III) Summer, 1985   24   Nine in late summer of 1994/Yr6, and still “nine years old” (but obviously close to ten) in June of the following year [Black Lightning: Y1 #6 <5.09>]. She graduates from college in the school year ending in 2007/Yr19.
  Grant Emerson
1986   23   Stated to be 16 in Damage #1 <4.94> [=2002/Yr14]—which, note, fits with his being five when given the JLA’s DNA [see 1991/Yr3] in this timeline, but not in DC’s official version.
  Jason Todd
(Robin II)
Aug 16, 1987   22 13 (2000/yr12) Jason was born in “1974” per ’Tec #571 <2.87> [published late 1986, now set late 1999/Yr11], making him 12 then, thus 11 as of his revised origin story [Batman #408-409 <6-7.87>; see 1998/Yr10]. The birthdate is from ’Tec #790 <3.04> [see 2007/Yr19], although it cannot have been his 18th as described.
  Stephanie Brown (Spoiler;
Robin IV)
1987   22   First appearance ’Tec #647-48 <8-9.92> [see 2001/Yr13]; she is established as 14 then (and slightly older than Tim Drake). The references in “WarCrimes” [2007/Yr19, published <10.05>] to her (apparent) death at “16” are therefore spurious.
  Toni Monetti
1987   22   Turns 16 in Teen Titans v2 #1 <10.96> [=2003/Yr15]. All other members of that Titans group share the same birthdate.
  Tim Drake [Wayne]
(Robin III)
July 19, 1988   21   This one is controversial—many fans insist he just “should be” perpetually 17—but the logic is sound; there’s no way to manipulate the timeline to keep him that young. Self-described as 13 when he first appeared in Batman #442 <12.89> [=2001/Yr13] (and hence around two when he saw the Graysons murdered in 1990/Yr2). Birthday from Robin #116 <8.03> [see 2006/Yr18], but statements therein that he is only turning 16 simply cannot be accurate in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence. His prolonged presence in high school, one may suppose, is due to numerous semesters missed owing to various overseas adventures, “No Man’s Land,” and at least four changes of school.
  Lonnie Machin
1988   21   Age 12 at his first appearance in ’Tec #608-609 <12.89-1.90> [=early 2001/Yr13]; 16 as of Anarky v2 #1 <5.99> [=2004/Yr16].
  Rose Wilson
(Ravager II)
1988   21   Age 14 as of 2002/Yr14 [Deathstroke Annual #4 <95>].
  Courtney Whitmore
(Star-Spangled Kid II; Stargirl)
c. Sep?, 1988   21   She’s a high school sophomore (e.g., ≥15) as of Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #1 <8.99> [see 2004/Yr16], and turns 16 as of S&S #14 <9.00>, later that same year. That she still refers to herself as “underage”in JSA v4 #27 <7.09> [in 2010/Yr22] is anomalous, but may be an artifact of hanging out in that scene with Cyclone, who actually is underage.
  Cassandra Cain (Batgirl II) Jan 26, 1989   20   Allegedly sixteen [per NML SF #1 <12.99>] when she was first introduced during “No Man’s Land“ [Batman #567 <6.99>], in 2004/Yr16. However, the most precise and binding reference is to her 18th birthday, in Batgirl v1 #37 <4.03> [hence 2007/Yr19], which also supplies the birthdate.
  Cassie Sandsmark
(Wonder Girl II)
≤1989   ≥20   “Fourteen years old” as of her introduction in WW v2 #105 <1.96>, c. early 2003/Yr15, the same year she gains her powers.
  Billy Batson
(Captain Marvel)
Late 1989   20   Age nine when he’s put on the streets in 1999/Yr 11 [Power of Shazam #42 <9.98>]; ten later that same year, after gaining his powers [PoS GN <94>], in both cases per Billy’s own dialogue. The reference to being “16” in JSA v3 #40 <11.02> [=2006/Yr18] is thus a bit off. (The Dec 23 birthday from the 1976 DC Calendar is no longer sustainable.)
  Mary Batson Bromfield
(Captain Marvel II; Mary Marvel)
Late 1989   20   Billy’s twin, per their shared birthday in PoS #29 <8.97> [late 2003/Yr15, thus presumably their 14th].
  Cliff Baker Nov 4, 1989?   20   His birthday (originally presented as his 15th) is celebrated in Animal Man #67-68 <1-2.94> [=2002/Yr14]. (This is awkward: Cliff was aged in real time (as was his younger sister, Maxine) throughout the run of the book, from 1988-’96, but that must give way to time compression. His more recent appearances in Countdown, etc., actually make him look younger than he originally was. I’ve tweaked his age a bit to compensate as best as possible, but still left his birth relatively soon after Animal Man’s own origin [see 1987].)
  Natasha Irons
(Steel IV, Starlight, Vaporlock)
Mid-1990   19   She reports in 52 #3 <5.06>, May of 2008/Yr20, that she’s about to enter her senior year of high school—and she must be 18 by the time she contracts to participate in Luthor’s Everyman Program in July of that same year [52 #8 <6.06>]. This would mean she was only about 12 when she first appeared in Steel #1 <2.94> in 2002/Yr14, and makes her work in a Senate office [as seen in Steel #14 <4.95>], even as a student page, exceedingly implausible. However, she has always been intellectually precocious.
  Mia Dearden
(Speedy II)
Early 1991   18   Both Green Arrow v3 #41 <10.04> and TT v3 #21 <4.05> reference her 17th birthday taking place c. early 2008/Yr20. (Thus, she was only 14 at her 1st app. in 2005/Yr17).
  Maxine Hunkel
c. 1991   ~18   She is a freshman at Harvard at her first appearance, in late 2009/Yr21 [JSA v4 #1 <2.07>].
  Jakeem Johnny Williams
(J.J. Thunder)
July 7, 1991   18   Twelve when he first discovered his power over the Thunderbolt in early 2004/Yr16 [JLA #26, 28-31 <2, 4-7.99>]. Born on the seventh day of the seventh month, according to the same tradition as his predecessor.
  Cissie Jones-King
1992/Yr4   17   SO 80-Pg Giant #1 <12.98> [see 1985/Yr3, 1991/Yr9]. Appearances notwithstanding, she cannot have been more than 11 at her debut wiht Young Justice in 2003/Yr15.
(Brother Blood VIII)
1994   15   Sebastian was 13 at his first appearance [see 2007/Yr19], per Titans/Outsiders SF 2005 <10.05>.
  Jennifer Pierce (Lightning II) Summer, 1995   14  

Her mother is very pregnant in June of 1995/Yr7, per BL:Y1 #6. When (re) introduced in early 2010/Yr22 [JSA v4 #12 <3.08>], she has a friend who is 16 and “just got her driver’s license,” but is not necessarily quite that old herself.

  Mike Dugan Late 1996/Yr8   13   Appearances notwithstanding, Mike (Courtney Whitmore’s stepbrother) cannot be more than eight when (re)introduced [S&S #8 <3.00>; =2004/Yr16], given the time since his father Stripesy Dugan’s return to the present [see 1995/Yr7]. (Moreover, this would be true even in DC’s “official” timeline, wherein Stripesy’s return falls c. Yr3, and this tale c. Yr12!) JSA v3 #81 <3.06> [set in late 2008/Yr20] establishes him as 13, but that actually has to be reduced a bit to accommodate the time compression of the greater DCU.
  Lian Harper 1999/Yr11   10   Roy and Cheshire’s daughter was first introduced as a newborn in (NTT #51-53 <3-5.85>), hence 1999/Yr11. That she has recently been depicted as younger than this is misleading.
  Damian Wayne c. Oct?, 2000/Yr12   9   Conceived during the Son of the Demon GN, in early 2000/Yr12. At his return in late 2009/Yr21, Batman remarks that he was “not much older” than Damian when his own parents died, suggesting the boy is eight at that point—but Bruce may be exaggerating slightly, as Batman & Robin #2 < 9.09> specifically establishes him as “ten years old” less than a year later.
  Robert (last name unknown) Early 2001/Yr13   8 (17b)   Son of Shado and Oliver Queen. Conceived in 2000/Yr12 and an infant in early 2001/Yr13, Green Arrow/Black Canary #12 <11.08> describes him accurately as “eight years old” around the time of Ollie and Dinah’s wedding in late 2009/Yr21, but also artificially ages his body an additional “9 years.”
  Ramsey Spencer 2001/Yr13   8   Son of Kate (Manhunter) Spencer. Age six as of Manhunter v3 #3 <12.04> in late 2007/Yr19; seven as of #20 <5.08> in early 2009/Yr21, after OYL.

Chris Kent

2003/Yr15   23be (6c)   Son of General Zod and Ursa; adopted by Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Age six as of Superman #668 <12.07>, in late 2009/Yr21. However, after his return to the Phantom Zone in early 2010/Yr22, he experienced induced bouts of rapid aging, up to the equivalent of 23 (per an online interview with writer Greg Rucka).
  Clark Peter Ross 2004/Yr16   5   Pete Ross and Lana Lang’s son, from Doomsday Wars #1-3 <11.98-1.99>; see 2004/Yr16.
  Cerdian 2004/Yr16   5   Tempest and Dolphin’s son, from Aquaman #63 <1.00>; see 2004/Yr16.
  Sam Lane II 2004/Yr16   5   Ron Troupe and Lucy Lane’s son, from Adv. Supes #587 <2.01>; see 2004/Yr16.
  Jai West 2007/Yr19   8 (2c)   Wally West and Linda Park’s son, born in Flash v2 #225 <10.05>. Although born a twin to Iris, below, their inherited powers caused them to undergo accelerated aging at different rates, as described in Flash v2 #233 <12.07>.
  Iris West II 2007/Yr19   10 (2c)   Wally West and Linda Park’s daughter, born in Flash v2 #225 <10.05>. Although born a twin to Jai, above, their inherited powers caused them to undergo accelerated aging at different rates, as described in Flash v2 #233 <12.07>.

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Special Cases

Some characters have ages completely unrelated to their birthdates…
Character Birthdate Age at… Notes and References
      Jan 1, 2010 / Yr 22 death  
Max Mercury
1819 ≤75 (≥190c)   MIA at ≤71 (2006/yr18) Flash v2 #97 <1.95>, etc.; age 19 when he gained his powers, per Flash SF #1 <11.87>. Note that Max actually “jumped” many years (at least 1844-1860s, then 1891; some of 1891-1921; 1921-’37; ’48-’57; and ’63-2002/Yr14 [see all]—thus reducing his biological age by ≥115 years. His aging may have been further slowed by his connection to the speed force. Uniquely, both his birthdate and his apparent age can remain constant despite timeline “sliding.”

Karen Starr/Kara Zor-L
(Power Girl)

?? (c. 1920 on Earth-2, but equivalent to c. 1978?)   31   Accounts of her age at her arrival on present-day Earth [see 1996/Yr8] have differed (ranging from 15 to 22), but the most recent and apparently authoritative [JSA Classified #1 <9.05>] seems to indicate she was about 18 at the time. (Recent revisions to her origin only complicate matters, anchoring her to the original Earth-2 and thus implying she may not have arrived on New Earth until after the original Crisis.)
  Kara Zor-El
c. 1924, but equivalent to c. 1992/Yr4   ~17   Unlike Clark Kent, Kara spent her childhood on Krypton, so an Earth-based birthday doesn’t really apply. Her home city survived several months beyond Krypton’s destruction, but thanks to suspended animation during hyperspace travel she was still roughly 15 when she arrived on Earth c. 2007/Yr19. Since then she has spent several months in the future, but also missed a roughly comparable time in the present, so there are no major anomalies in her age.
  Lar Gand [post-Crisis]
(Valor; M’Onel)
Mar 27*, 1984 (24b in 3001 (1017ce))     For each version of Lar before Infinite Crisis, he was age 18 when he entered the Stasis Zone c. 2002/Yr14 (by differing means depending on the hypertimeline; see 30th Century), and thus likewise when he left it and joined the Legion (notwithstanding the nearly thousand years experienced without aging)—hence about 16-17 at his debut c. 2001/Yr13, shortly after the Invasion of the Alien Alliance. However, this version of history has been superseded in the present day, and this version of Lar now only exists verifiably in hypertimeline L2.
  Lar Gand [“New Earth”]
Mar 27*, 1963? (31b in 3008 (1045ce))     This version of Lar appears to have been slightly younger than his counterpart when he first met Clark Kent and entered the Phantom Zone [see 1979]—close to Clark’s age, perhaps 16. He spends a few months outside the Zone in 2010/Yr22, as is being chronicled at this writing, but only permanently escapes it when he joins the Legion of hypertimeline L4 in 2993.
  Tefé Holland 2001/Yr13   23b (8ce)   Born as indicated, but later “transplanted” [see 2003/Yr15] into the body of a girl finishing high school circa 2004/Yr16. Although her birth is linked to mainstream DCU events, her history is complicated by the ostensibly real-time progression presented in Swamp Thing v2. However, her documented rapid aging and later body switch help to elide these complications. The dates may be debatable, but they’re the most compatible fit for this chronology.
  Kon-El/Conner Kent (Superboy) 2002/Yr14   20b (21e, 8c) 20b (21e, 6c) (2008/Yr20) He was cloned with accelerated aging until his “birth” at the equivalent of ~15, but then had his growth “frozen” at 16 around 2003/Yr15, lasting until “Sins of Youth” in 2004/Yr16, losing about a year. Dead as of Infinite Crisis #6 <5.06> in 2008/Yr20; revived (in the future) in Legion of Three Worlds #4 <6.09>, and due to return to 2010/Yr22.
  Michael Jon Carter
(Booster Gold)
2442   30   Born in the future, so Booster is among the elite few for whom calendar age doesn’t apply. He was 20 when he left his own era [from 2462] and arrived in our own [Booster Gold v1 #6-9 <7-10.86>; see 1999/Yr11]. BG v1 #22<11.87> confirms the birthday for his twin sister Michelle (Goldstar), and thus for him as well. (Occasional subsequent time-jaunts may adjust his cumulative age a few months one way or the other… but then, that’s true for many DCU characters.)
  Iris West Allen Sep 27*, 2945   66 34 (1997/yr9) Year from Flash 80-Pg Giant #1 <8.98>; retcons 2927 from Flash SF #1 <11.97>. 20th-century age at her “death” derived from (Flash v1 #321 <5.83>); present age includes additional years lived in the 30th C., from 2957-2982, before her return in 2002/Yr14.
  Bart Allen
(Impulse; Kid Flash II)
2982   ~19eb (9c) ~19e, ~25b (9c) (2009/Yr21) Born in the future (possibly a hypertimeline, yet!), so calendar age doesn’t apply. Raised in VR to accommodate his hypermetabolism, he aged the equivalent of 12 years in his first two, then another two upon arriving in 2002/Yr14 before he could be stabilized. As of late 2003/Yr15, he was “Three. Fifteen. Depends,” per SO 80-Pg Giant #1 <12.98>. He aged another four years, as established in Flash v3 #1 <8.06> (described as from 16 to 20, but more plausibly from 19 to 23) during a sojourn to the Speed Force between Infinite Crisis #4 and 5 <3-4.06>, in early 2008/Yr20, just before the “One Year Later” jump. He died in late 2009/Yr21, but was resurrected in a younger body in L3W #3 <4.09> (Brainiac 5 said they’d undone his most recent Speed Force-induced aging) and returned to 2010/Yr22. Like Max and Booster, both his birthdate and his age have remained immune to timeline sliding.

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